During this unprecedented time of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, ORBCOMM continues to support our customers, so that they can continue the important work that they do. ORBCOMM has created a COVID-19 Response Team that has implemented the necessary infrastructure, procedures and safeguards to ensure we continue to serve as a valuable resource and deliver the highest level of service during this period. Our highest priority is the health and safety of every member of the ORBCOMM community, including our employees, customers, partners and vendors, while maintaining the resiliency of our business.

Customer Care

Please be assured that we have the infrastructure, procedures and safeguards in place to continue delivering the highest level of service and support through our customer care and technical support teams in multiple locations around the world. Our localised Field Service Teams will continue to support you through on-site visits for training and installation projects as long as it does not conflict with your organisation's policies or the current travel, quarantine and contact restrictions. We can also provide support services via audio or video conferencing capabilities as necessary.

For any of our Ireland or United Kingdom customers, if you’ve got any specific questions, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at customer.care@orbcomm.com or your Account Manager. We’re here to help.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Visor Card for Operators and hauliers

We’ve produced this handy visor card you can download and print for drivers to help keep them safe:

Helping driver to stay safe during Covid-19

Download and Print Visor Card:

Alternatively, you can watch/share the video:

Feel free to share these links with your teams.

Latest News Developments

Relaxation of Drivers’ Hours Rules
There is a temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours rules during the global Covid-19 crisis to help keep trucks moving and food and pharmaceutical products delivered during this critical time. Published on March 18th, the relaxation is authorised for drivers under EU drivers’ hours rules or Great Britain rules. It covers the undertaking of goods to:

  1. Distribution centre to stores (or fulfilment centre)
  2. From manufacturer or supplier to distribution centre (including backhaul collections)
  3. From manufacturer or supplier to store (or fulfilment centre)
  4. Between distribution centres and transport hub trunking
  5. Transport hub deliveries to stores

Find the guidance here for the relaxation to driver’s hours rules and further information on guidance for essential retail deliveries here.

Confirmation of Haulage Staff as Vital
The RHA and FTA have received a letter from the Government that confirms that the work of the logistics sector is vital. The letter says that haulage drivers, managers, warehouse staff and other logistics professionals need to continue their work to keep supply chains moving. This applies to all supply chains, not only food or medical supplies. A copy of the letter is available here.

Updates to HGV Guidelines
The Department of Transport has updated its guidelines for HGVs in the current crisis. This gives good advice about the temporary operation of vehicles or what to do in the event of a Transport Manager needing to self-isolate.

COVID-19 Operator Survey
The FTA is compiling a survey on the impacts of Covid-19 on the Industry. The Coronavirus Logistics Impact Survey asks how operators are dealing with the pandemic and the results may help you in dealing with your business.

The RHA Road Safety Round-up
The Road Haulage Association has compiled this round-up featuring Driver Welfare, drivers’ Hours news and MOT Exemptions.

There is a great movement on social media right now to help operators as much as possible. Search for #LogisticsHelpsLogistics which is linking drivers who have the capacity with businesses who can temporarily use their services.

If you’ve got any specific questions, please reach out to our Customer Care Team at customer.care@orbcomm.com or your Account Manager. We’re here to help.