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Fuel Management: Advanced Fuel Auditing for Fleet Operators

Fuel ranks as one of the top operational expenses for any fleet operator, so it is vital that carriers audit their spending down to every litre. However, auditing fuel usage is a complex, labor-intensive process that yields variable results from month to month and often poses more questions than answers.

The only robust solution to inaccurate fuel consumption data is to calibrate it - to reflect the true, real-world fuel economy for each vehicle in the fleet. Without accurate fuel burn data, it is impossible to compare drivers objectively against each other, individual vehicles against one another or makes and models from one another.

ORBCOMM’s Fuel Auditor overcomes these challenges by providing an automated method of auditing fuel down to each litre burned by every truck. This delivers immediate fuel savings, reduces maintenance costs, prevents theft and improves purchase decisions, using deep analytics, calibration technology and driver coaching tools.

Coach Drivers for Fuel Efficiency

  • Fuel Burn Data: Use the Fuel Auditor to calibrate fuel burn information from each driver regardless of the truck driven.
  • Fuel Usage: Monitor miles per litre for each driver over any time frame.
  • Compare Driving Styles: Show drivers the differences between an inefficient truck and an inefficient driving style by reviewing their performance on excessive idling, harsh braking, over-speeding, harsh acceleration and deceleration, driving without the use of cruise control and over-revving.
  • Driver Coaching: Change driver behaviour with live, onboard driver scoring, feedback and advice.
  • Advanced Reporting: Track results and report them by driver, by vehicle, by groups of drivers, vehicle type or group of vehicles – or any combination of driver and vehicle over any period.

Improve Vehicle Performance and Fleet Efficiency

  • Vehicle Profiler: Profile trucks on how they should be driven according to the manufacturer’s specifications with the Vehicle Profiler, which characterises each truck for RPM bands, torque, power, speed and fuel consumption.
  • Match Driving Style to Vehicle Specification: Overlay a driver’s driving pattern to highlight where improvements need to be made in their driving behaviour to maximise the performance of the vehicle.
  • Smarter Purchase and Trading Decisions: Improve truck make and model purchase decisions by applying a software calibration directly to fuel CANbus fuel data collected from the engine. Once calibrated, accurate fuel data from every truck in the fleet will offer a true and unbiased fuel performance comparison between each make and model under test.

Reduce the Potential for Fuel Theft

  • Fuel Measurement: Compare the actual fuel burned to fuel purchased over any period with the fuel stock in the truck’s tanks at the start and end of a given period. The results highlight the fuel delta in litres for each truck.

Advanced Fuel Management

BT 500: Truck Tracking Device for Complete Fleet Management

Powering ORBCOMM’s truck management product, the BT 500 provides complete visibility, monitoring and management of drivers, vehicles and displays. Part of a comprehensive solution that combines in-cab devices, powerful cloud-based reporting and connected hardware, the BT 500 provides GPS vehicle tracking, advanced data collection from the CANbus, flexible communication options and an open, scalable platform to connect to third-party apps and other devices.

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GT 1100: Reduce Fuel Costs and Cycle Times
ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100 can help track changes in fuel levels, detect theft and rapid fuel loss by reading sensor data. Compare invoices with refuel events. Analyse fuel usage by customer, location and order number to further reduce fuel costs.

GPS trailer tracking: GT 1100

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Advanced Fuel Management

FleetManager: Communicate with Drivers and Gain Powerful Insight into Fleet Operations

FleetManager is a cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine which unlocks valuable data for every user in the organisation.

Optimised to work with ORBCOMM’s truck, trailer, reefer and container monitoring devices, FleetManager delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, FleetManager provides all that is needed to ensure regulatory compliance, maximise asset utilisation, minimise operational costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer satisfaction for better ROI.

Depending on your fleet, FleetManager can be configured to display specific workspaces with individual workspaces for dispatchers, fleet managers or the safety and compliance team. Its powerful features include individualised customisation, advanced data mining, configurable reporting, intelligent search options, multi-user management and advanced mapping.

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“It’s got to be driver-friendly… that’s the most important thing. The units are very friendly for the drivers in-cab, and very accepted.”

Jim Franck, President of National Carriers

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