Fuel Management

Advanced fleet fuel management and telematics solutions

Fuel management solution providing actionable insights to reduce fleet costs.

Optimize fleet fuel to the last gallon

Reduce fuel consumption and mitigate theft and loss with smart telematics solutions.
  • Monitor for Fuel Theft

    Use the industry’s only fuel auditor to make sure all fuel purchased goes in the tank and stays there until it is burned.
  • Coach Drivers to be More Fuel Efficient

    Correct inefficient driver behaviors in real time with proactive voice coaching technology.
  • Improve Driver Anticipation

    Leverage anticipation data to increases fuel efficiency, one brake press at a time.
  • Reduce Reefer Fuel Costs

    Save on fuel by optimizing reefer operations and detecting rapid fuel loss, theft and improper invoicing.
  • Schedule Optimal Fuel Stops

    Guide drivers through their day with advanced jobs, workflow and messaging and get drivers to the right fuel refill stops along the way.

Helping Fleets Save at the Pump

Leverage data-driven features built for fuel economy.
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    Fuel Auditor
    Monitor MPG and measure the impact of driver behavior.
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    Driver Coaching
    Change fuel wasting behavior such as speeding and idling.
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    Driver Scoring
    Reward fuel-efficient drivers and identify areas for improvement.
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    Analyze data to improve safety, fuel efficiency and reduce wear. 
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    Vehicle Profiler
    Compare driver habits to truck manufacturer recommendations. 
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    IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
    Automate the collection of state miles and fuel receipts.
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    Temperature Monitoring in the Cab
    Give drivers real-time reefer status while on the move.
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    Driver Performance App
    Gives drivers access to performance history anytime, anywhere.
Making Fuel-Conscious Decisions

Making Fuel-Conscious Decisions

Analyze fuel economy data and make data-driven decisions on the powerful cloud-based ORBCOMM platform.

Fuel Optimization Solutions

Our products are designed to cut the cost of fleets’ top operating expense: fuel.
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Fuel Management

Optimize Fuel Management

  • Coach drivers on driving fuel-consciously.
  • Automate fuel receipts for easy accounting.
  • Intelligent routing helps optimize fuel stops.
  • Match fuel requirements to vehicle model.
  • Analyze data for fuel performance trends.
  • Detect rapid fuel loss and improper invoicing.
Keep Tanks Topped Up

Keep Tanks Topped with ORBCOMM

With ORBCOMM fuel management solutions, fleets can keep their trucks fueled and on the road for longer.