ST 2100

Satellite IoT Communications Device: Simple, Low-Cost, Reliable

Cost-effective, reliable, easy-to-integrate satellite communications for asset tracking and fleet management

The ORBCOMM ST 2100 provides reliable, global satellite connectivity to the most remote areas of the world. The versatile, environmentally sealed ST 2100 can be installed on mobile assets like light-and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, railcars, heavy equipment and more. It is also well-suited to monitoring fixed assets like pipelines, pumps, generators and tanks used in industrial and utilities environments.

The ST 2100 delivers a simplified architecture for off-the-shelf, low-cost satellite messaging. Unlike the ST 6100, it is not programmable and does not support ORBCOMM applications or Lua scripting. An intuitive AT Command set is available for quick integration with external PLCs and general-purpose controllers. The ST 2100 can be installed with side or bottom cable access.

ST 2100

Fleet Management
Always-on satellite connectivity for tracking drivers and mobile assets in the most remote areas of the world.

Cathodic Protection
Ensure safety and compliance by monitoring pipeline health in isolated locations.

SCADA Monitoring
Remote monitoring and control of SCADA systems including electrical grid.


5 Reasons to Choose the ST 2100 IoT Device for Remote Asset Tracking

1. Easy Integration
Bring your IoT and M2M solutions to market faster with access to a comprehensive set of integration tools.

2. Simple Command Set
Integrate quickly with external PLCs and general-purpose controllers with the ST 2100’s intuitive AT Command set.

3. Compact
Whether you’re monitoring vehicles, trailers or industrial assets, the device’s small form factor makes it a versatile choice for varied applications.

4. Two-Way Communication
Two-way satellite connectivity over the IsatData Pro network makes the ST 2100 ideal for both fixed asset and fleet management applications.

5. Rugged and Environmentally Sealed
Built for the long haul, the ST 2100 is rugged and environmentally sealed (IP67), providing peace of mind for extended use in IoT and M2M applications.

“We did a thorough market search to find a high-performance satellite tracking device to power our enhanced security and location-based services … ORBCOMM was the clear choice to be our technology partner.”

Brian Kane, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, GOST