CT 3000 Series

Reefer Container Telematics Devices

Remote monitoring and temperature control of intermodal containers

ORBCOMM’s CT 3000 series enables real-time visibility and control of refrigerated containers moving in the cold chain for improved operational efficiency and cost savings. A direct connection to the reefer enables real-time alerts and two-way control, allowing operators to quickly react to issues and remotely adjust temperature and humidity levels, initiate a pre-trip inspection (PTI) or access data logs.

The CT 3000 series comes in two variants:

  • CT 3000: installed permanently for continuous tracking
  • CT 3100: temporary installation for monitoring assets on a trip, a vessel or at a terminal.
Reefer Container : RCU

5 Reasons to Choose the CT 3000 for Reefer Container Telematics

1. Temporary or Permanent Installation
Improve fleet visibility and management using either continuous or trip-based reefer container tracking, monitoring and control.

2. Protect Cargo and Reduce Claims
Ensure container temperature compliance and minimize spoilage. Reduce costly claims, quickly respond to discrepancies and catch hot loading events.

3. Reduce the Time and Costs of PTIs
Streamline PTI management and eliminate unnecessary container inspections for quicker turn times, lower costs and reduced safety risks to personnel.

4. Automate Processes
Save on labor costs and eliminate human error by automating container inspections. Access live data for improved container management and utilization.

5. Improve Customer Service
Enhance the customer experience with container shipment location, status and ETAs. Integrate data into back-office applications for better business planning.

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“It is essential for us to see where our container units are, monitor what is happening with them and remotely control the units, and we need to have all of this information directly on our computer screens. ORBCOMM’s advanced solution does all of this and more."

Jan Koolen, Managing Director, UNIT45 B.V.