GT 1000

Cargo Security and Theft Prevention

Cargo monitoring, security and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers

ORBCOMM’s GT 1000 is a cost-effective, cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal targeted for cargo security, theft prevention and recovery as well as virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers. The GT 1000’s reusable bolt and locking cap provide a secure container lock and reliably detect cut or removal in real-time for maximum security.

Cargo monitoring is further enhanced with a robust optional web application that features security, supply chain automation, management overview via dashboards, precise measurement against performance metrics, and the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real time, significantly improving asset visibility, theft prevention and operational efficiency.

cargo security: GT 1000

5 Reasons to Choose GT 1000 for Cargo Security

1. Flexible and Versatile
Use for cargo security and theft prevention on container doors. Or, use as an embedded or standard cargo monitoring and tracking device.

2. Cost-Effective Global Coverage
Quad-band GSM cellular for worldwide two-way communications. GPRS and SMS with automatic least cost routing.

3. Easy-to-Install
Quick, simple installation as easy as a standard physical bolt seal. Plus, configure/update over-the-air.

4. Compact and Rugged
Self-contained, compact and environmentally-hardened enclosure. Includes rechargeable battery with cradle.

5. Certified and Compliant
FCC, ICE, CE, RoHS. Fully compliant with ISO/PAS 17712:2003 and C-TPAT.

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