GT 1030: Heavy Equipment

Construction Tracking and Telematics Device

Compact, rugged hardware to take on construction’s toughest challenges

Built for construction companies with mixed equipment fleets, the GT 1030 is the complete, proven cellular tracking device that provides flexibility, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Compact and versatile, the GT 1030 is designed to track, monitor and connect all types of fixed, portable, and mobile assets for the demanding OEM heavy equipment and construction markets–at a cost-effective price. The GT 1030 reduces operational costs while maximizing project profitability by turning data into insights to improve asset utilization, protect equipment from loss or theft, minimize machine downtime and reduce labor, equipment, fuel, materials and maintenance expenses.

Based on the success of its GT 1020 predecessor, the GT 1030 brings additional global coverage and connectivity, more cost-efficient SIM management, multiple new analog and digital interfaces and the latest in wireless technologies. Cloud-based device management ensures turnkey integration into ORBCOMM’s FleetEdge heavy equipment fleet management application by APIs to third-party services. Higher battery capacity ensures connectivity when external power is lost for extended periods and a Field Support Tool streamlines device installation, activation and maintenance.

construction equipment tracking: GT 1020

5 Reasons to Choose GT 1030 for Construction Telematics and Tracking

1. Data from Different Machines
Gather detailed machine data reliably and accurately from different equipment with support for the AEMP standard and OEM interfaces.

2. Global 4G LTE
Get faster and more reliable connectivity than ever before with global LTE and fallback to multi-band 3G/2G networks.

3. Global SIM Card
Allows devices to switch cellular networks cost-efficiently and to roam seamlessly across geographies.

4. Multiple Connectivity Options
Use up to four digital and analog inputs to suit any application, including one power output for sensors. Support for serial interface and RS-485.

5. Global Compliance
Certifications and type approvals allow equipment to be used seamlessly from the Americas through Europe to Australia and Japan.

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“After a careful look at the companies that could work with Doosan to develop an end-to-end telematics solution, ORBCOMM was the appropriate choice with its broad portfolio of integrated M2M products and services and proven expertise and leadership specifically within the heavy equipment industry.”

SY Lee, Vice President, Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd.