GT 2300

Intermodal Container Tracking from the Industry Leader

Track intermodal containers with a state-of-the-art telematics solution

ORBCOMM’s GT 2300 is a self-powered intermodal container tracking system with cellular communications and GPS, providing valuable insight into the status, movement, loading and unloading of container operations. By leveraging powerful telematics capabilities integrated with intermodal information systems, the GT 2300 enables operators to optimize container utilization and movement.

The GT 2300 is integrated with the feature-rich CargoWatch® web application which provides instantaneous knowledge and notifications of loading and unloading events, allowing operators to optimize container movement and accelerate utilization.

Intermodal Container Tracking: GT 2300

5 Reasons to Choose GT 2300 for Intermodal Container Tracking

1. Improve Visibility and Delivery Operations
Deliver valuable transactional information from containers in near-real-time, improving the timeliness of pick-up and delivery.

2. Long Battery Life
Uses customizable reporting profiles to optimize critical data delivery and power management for extended battery life.

3. Complete Fleet Visibility
Integrated with ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® application for virtually unlimited reports on container movement and loading/unloading events.

4. Stealth, Easy Installation
Designed to fit internally within the container corrugations to avoid damage during cargo loading, unloading and movement.

5. Gain insight into rail and drayage inventories
Combine local intelligence on cargo status, door lock/unlock and movement detection.

“ORBCOMM’s (intermodal container tracking) solution will play a significant role in improving shipment visibility and enhancing service to our customers.”

Chris Kravas, Chief Intermodal Officer at Hub Group, Inc.

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