GT 700

Asset Tracking Made Easy and Affordable

Mobile asset tracking and intrusion detection

The GT 700 is a self-contained, reliable asset tracking and intrusion detection device for transportation, oil and gas and other industrial markets. Using one-way satellite communications, the GT 700 supports a security cable that can be used to wrap around container locking bars or other latching mechanisms for maximum cargo security.

Reduce risk and improve the bottom line with security and mobile asset tracking features like cargo intrusion detection, unauthorized movement, event-based reporting capabilities and more.

asset tracking: GT 700

5 Reasons to Choose GT 700 for Mobile Asset Tracking

1. Cost-Effective and Reliable
Low-cost hardware and data plans using global one-way (simplex) satellite communication coverage.

2. Easy-to-Install
Quick and easy in-field provisioning using a wireless USB dongle. Flexible and discrete mounting system for containers and trailers.

3. Compact and Rugged
Self-contained, compact, waterproof and environmentally-hardened enclosure designed to withstand harsh weather.

4. Long Battery Life
Remarkable battery life (up to 5 years) and convenient wireless, multi-device configuration.

5. Powerful Web Application
Remote monitoring, in-transit visibility and increased security on demand.