IDP 600 Series

Satellite Communications Terminals

Track Fixed and Mobile Assets Over Land and Sea, No Matter How Remote

IDP 600 series terminals use the two-way Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite service for remotely managing fixed and mobile assets nearly anywhere in the world. Whether used for managing trucks, fishing vessels or oil and gas equipment, the IDP 600 series facilitates improved asset visibility, increased productivity, lower operating costs and regulatory compliance.

IDP-680: Vehicle tracking and fixed industrial equipment monitoring

IDP-690: Vessel tracking device engineered for maritime and low elevation-angle applications

Satellite communications terminals: IDP 600 Series

5 Reasons to Choose the IDP-600 Series for Fixed and Mobile Asset Tracking

1. Send More Data, More Quickly
Send date over the Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite service, which delivers richer M2M data.

2. Two-way Communication
Track vehicles, vessels, fixed and mobile oil and gas assets and more.

3. Fully Programmable and Feature-rich
Includes programming capabilities, panic buttons, text messaging as well as sensor ports for fuel, temperature and more.

4. Quicken Deployment and Time-to-Market
Remove programming burden and enable quicker deployment for custom fleet management and SCADA monitoring applications.

5. Unparalleled Customer Support
Available to solution providers and system integrators as part of an easy to use starter kit, including free activations, airtime and support.

“With IDP devices and off-the shelf applications, integration is accelerated and provides a comprehensive set of features that addresses the needs of fleet management without requiring additional device programming.”

Jeff Palmer, Director, Global Satellite Engineering