SG-7100 Cellular Gateway

GPS Fleet Tracking and Industrial Asset Monitoring

The powerfully smart cellular gateway: Get more from M2M data

Most machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions are not built to allow users to get the most of their data. Programming, configuration, protocol, and network restrictions, compromise access to smart data. The SG-7100 changes all that. It’s the first powerfully smart, fully-programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway for GPS fleet tracking and industrial asset monitoring applications.

The SG-7100 cellular M2M gateway opens up a whole new world of intelligent M2M data management and communications possibilities. Its compact, flexible, and robust M2M communications platform is engineered to efficiently and cost-effectively collect actionable data over cellular networks. It can be configured with Wi-Fi, satellite, Ethernet, and other networking technologies for any requirement.

This compact, flexible, and robust M2M communications platform enables the collection of actionable data intelligence over cellular networks for GPS fleet tracking and industrial asset monitoring applications. Plus, it can be configured with Wi-Fi®, satellite, Ethernet and other network technologies to meet any critical communications and operational data management needs..

GPS fleet tracking: SG-7100

5 Reasons to Choose the SG-7100 for GPS Fleet Tracking and SCADA

1. Modular Hardware Architecture
Address a variety of application, LAN and WAN requirements with multiple configuration options for cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, and Ethernet networking.

2. Fully Programmable and Configurable
Develop and integrate custom M2M applications with the integrated Lua Services Framework and open Linux environment.

3. Integrated HTML 5 Compatible Web Server
Support a variety of workforce automation functions built with HTML5, including electronic forms. Communicate with most web-enabled devices.

4. Maximum ROI
Customize for easy integration into existing processes. Track fleets with GPS, maintain critical data flow, increase productivity, lower operating costs, improve security and eliminate operating delays.

5. Powerful Analytics
Leverage critical data to monitor, analyze, assess and improve fleet management and SCADA operations in the most remote areas of the world.