XT 4760

Cellular Asset Tracking: Rugged, Plug-and-Play

Gain visibility and control of chassis, gensets, flatbeds and other powered assets

The XT 4760 is a rugged, compact plug-and-play device that enables two-way monitoring and control of chassis, gensets, flatbeds and other powered assets. In tandem with ORBCOMM’s web-based telematics application, CargoWatch, the device enhances visibility into freight management operations resulting in more accurate on-time deliveries, ETAs and in-route location updates for enhanced customer service and satisfaction.

As an economical alternative to more advanced tracking solutions, it features a flexible messaging schedule that provides up-to-date reports and real-time alerts on asset status, location, history, arrival/departure and load status to improve operational efficiency, asset utilization and maintenance costs.

XT 4760

5 Reasons to Choose the XT 4760 for Cellular Asset Tracking

1. Enable better business planning
Event-based alerts, onboard geofences and dots-on-the-map functionality bring awareness of asset status, location, arrivals and departures and historical data to enable better decision making.

2. Streamline operations and minimize theft
The XT 4760 provides customers advanced reports and analytics for visibility and control of operations to improve asset utilization, streamline processes, automate inventory management and minimize theft.

3. Built to work in extreme weather
The XT 4760 is ruggedized with an IP66-rated enclosure to maintain real-time two-way connectivity with remote assets under extreme weather conditions.

4. Continuous operation and hassle-free management
Asset powered with 90-day backup battery. Remote SMS/GPRS configuration and management and over-the-air firmware updates save costs and take the hassle out of manual IT work.

5. Powerful Web Application
Integrated with ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® application for virtually unlimited reports on position, sensors and more.

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