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AIS Data Services

ORBCOMM is the global market leader in terrestrial and satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) data services—a vessel tracking system used on ships and by vessel traffic services for identification and location information.

AIS data provides a means to track the location of vessels in the most remote areas of the world, especially over open oceans and beyond the reach of terrestrial-based AIS data systems. Learn what sets ORBCOMM’s Satellite AIS service apart.

AIS tracking is used mainly for collision detection but also for maritime domain awareness, search and rescue, and environmental monitoring:

Enhance Surveillance and Security
By using ORBCOMM’s AIS data service, the U.S. Coast Guard and other security and intelligence departments around the world know where nearly every vessel is located, where it is going and when it will get there. These agencies can use this valuable data to quickly react to anomalies at sea such as suspicious movements, route deviation and other unusual behavior.

Counter Piracy Attacks
As the frequency and aggressiveness of pirate attacks increases, ORBCOMM’s satellite AIS data service is being used to mitigate the risk of piracy and improve maritime safety. AIS tracking can be used to locate suspicious movements at sea, identify vessels of interest and alert vessels to a potential threat so fleet operators can counter piracy attacks and keep crews safe.

Improve Search and Rescue
In a search and rescue incident where life or watercraft are at risk, timing is everything. The faster that information can be communicated to first responders such as coast guards, the faster that help can be on its way. ORBCOMM’s satellite AIS data service is the most effective solution for improving maritime safety and international search and rescue.

Support Fisheries and Environmental Monitoring
Providing access to timely, accurate vessel data is key in supporting fisheries management, environmental protection and operational compliance programs in global waterways. From the prevention of marine pollution to the enforcement of fishery regulations, ORBCOMM’s AIS data service provides the maritime industry with complete and reliable visibility of vessel traffic activity.

AIS Data Services

Hali: Powerful, Tamper-Proof Class B AIS Device for Vessel Location

Jointly developed by ORBCOMM, Pole Star and Weatherdock, Hali combines terrestrial AIS data, satellite AIS, and satellite M2M technology all into one affordable and reliable solution. Created for small craft fleet owners and operators, maritime authorities, and enforcement agencies, Hali delivers vessel locations through coastal and satellite AIS transmissions, which are augmented with ORBCOMM satellite M2M messaging, ensuring complete vessel visibility to maximise maritime safety, security, and environmental compliance.

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“Using the ORBCOMM AIS data, we have consistent (historical) measurements so that ... we can provide a uniform data layer to researchers that want to study fisheries.”

Paul Woods, Chief Technical Officer, SkyTruth

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