Industries: Natural Resources

Remote Monitoring for Continuous Operation of Industrial Assets

It’s critical to know the current status of equipment and operations and identify problems as they occur, without the cost and inefficiency of sending field personnel to verify the status of each site. ORBCOMM devices and solutions remotely monitor equipment and sensors used in SCADA systems, oil & gas production, above and underground mining operations, agriculture and utilities management.

ORBCOMM provides satellite and dual-mode satellite/cellular terminals that deliver global connectivity to ensure critical data gets transmitted when and where it’s needed, even in some of the world’s most isolated locations where cellular is weak or not available. Our smart terminals process data locally to ensure only critical data gets transmitted to better manage airtime costs.

Get everything you need to define, develop, and deploy solutions that meet your customers’ needs:

  • Smart terminals and modems
  • Satellite and cellular connectivity
  • Development kits and tools
  • Key IoT software apps to reduce development time
  • Customer and technical support (including access to field application engineers)

Smart Agriculture
Improve soil management, monitor micro-climates, and reduce storage losses to increase food production, improve productivity, and enhance profitability.


Mining Asset Tracking
ORBCOMM Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) and mine fleet management solutions enable complete visibility of above and underground mining operations.


SCADA System Monitoring
Remotely monitor SCADA system infrastructure with ORBCOMM’s secure and reliable satellite, cellular and dual-mode communications devices.


Oil & Gas Equipment & Pipeline Monitoring
ORBCOMM’s reliable networks and rugged devices help oil and gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduced operating costs and increased profits.


Water Monitoring and Utilities Management
Improve water management, detect leaks, automate water meter readings, help improve electricity distribution, and more—all using ORBCOMM remote monitoring technology.