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Pipeline Monitoring for Cathodic Protection and Security

Pipeline monitoring and cathodic protection are essential for maintaining the integrity of critical infrastructure for oil and gas distribution. In today's challenging economic climate, oil and gas companies are looking for more sophisticated pipeline monitoring devices that decrease manual operations and site visits while improving loss detection and the bottom line.

ORBCOMM satellite, cellular and dual-mode devices provide a vital link between any section of an in-service pipeline and a central monitoring station. Our customers use M2M technology to increase profits by sending more accurate data from remote sites to identify problem areas including pipeline corrosion, undetected leaks and illegal taps.

Receive Critical Alarms and Measure Pipeline Flow Rates

  • Receive telemetry data and alarms from cathodic protection systems in near real-time.
  • Accurately measure and monitor equipment status and production information by collecting field parameters from pressure sensors and flow meters.

Monitor Pipelines to Reduce Costs, Corrosion and Site Visits

  • Reduce the costs associated with sending technicians to remote sites for pipeline maintenance or to check the status of infrastructure and equipment.
  • Monitor pipeline rectifiers in cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion, reduce leaks and lengthen equipment life.

Detect Pipeline Leaks and Help Prevent Theft

  • Monitor pipeline leak detection sensors and interface with SCADA equipment in near real-time to quickly detect and locate leaks or other abnormal activity.
  • Help prevent pipeline theft, reduce revenue losses and protect public safety by quickly and accurately detecting illegal taps.
  • Reduce time and costs by aligning Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) readings with location of anomalies.

Pipeline Monitoring for Cathodic Protection and Security

IDP-680: Satellite-Based SCADA System Monitoring

The compact, rugged IDP-680 satellite device with C1D2 certification is designed for use in hazardous environments. It can be used for SCADA polling, communication with remote devices via Modbus (RS232/RS485), and digital/analog event monitoring. The programmable device can be pre-loaded with an optional, device-level application that transforms it into a low cost RTU capable of sending regular and event-based reports on equipment status, operating parameters, flow rate and more.

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