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Telematics for Every Asset in Your Fleet

Trucks | Dry Vans | Reefers | Containers | Chassis | Railcars...

As our valued customer, you already know ORBCOMM, but did you know that we have added the most advanced and user-friendly truck ELD/HOS solution on the market AND enhanced driver safety capabilities? Combine that with our expertise in trailers, cold chain and cargo security, and we are the only telematics provider capable of managing your entire fleet under a single platform.

Manage your trucks, dry vans, reefers, chassis, containers, railcars and more—monitor virtually every asset class under one roof. Save costs and reduce complexity by consolidating your fleet telematics with one provider:

  • Most Comprehensive Solution: The complete transportation solution covering virtually every asset class.
  • 100% Integration: Cover all transportation assets with connectivity, devices, hardware, software applications and TMS integration.
  • Scale: We are the largest industrial IoT supplier in the world with over 2 million global subscribers, 800+ employees and 450+ strong engineering team.
  • Multi-Modal: Real-time data offered by our intermodal asset and container tracking solutions spanning road, rail and maritime transport.
  • Data Analytics: Driver better business results by predicting future outcomes and trends.


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