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Truck Management with Advanced Fleet Telematics

ORBCOMM®'s truck management platform is the most comprehensive, open, scalable and reliable truck telematics solution on the market today. By combining driver-focused in-cab devices based on Android, BT 500 truck tracking hardware and powerful back-end reporting from FleetManager, ORBCOMM’s truck platform helps you achieve higher ROI by improving ELD/HOS compliance, driver performance, fleet safety, operational efficiency and workforce productivity.

Comply with ELD/HOS Regulations
Get ELD compliant while improving fleet efficiency and your bottom line, with e-logs drivers love and fleet owners trust.

  • ELD/HOS: Enable fleets to comply with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate, US FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) and Canadian working hours rules.
  • HOS in the Cab: Put drivers at the heart of compliance with in-cab devices and software that automates hours of service calculations. Enable drivers to edit non-drive duty states from the road and record miles even if the driver is disconnected or offline.
  • HOS in the Back Office: Make compliance proactive and easy with up-to-date HOS and Duty Grids, driver cycle summaries, highlighted violations and editable audit trails of driving exceptions.

Enhance Fleet and Driver Safety
Keep your fleet’s assets and reputation protected by improving truck driver safety through correcting unsafe driving behaviors that lead to accidents, fines and higher insurance risks.

  • Driver Performance Scoring: Give live, on-board driver scoring, feedback and coaching to drivers who are measured on safety, compliance and driving performance
  • Safety Reporting and Analysis: Review how drivers operate different vehicles across the fleet and score drivers on safety data points such as anticipation, harsh acceleration and deceleration, harsh braking, speeding and hard cornering
  • Truck-Specific Navigation: Select safe and optimal routes based on vehicle height, weight and length restrictions.
  • Electronic DVIR: Complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports at the push of a button.

Improve Fleet Productivity
Enhance customer communications and workflow for better asset utilization, fewer empty miles and reduced overtime costs.

  • Driver Messaging: Improve communication between drivers and the office messaging, using customizable form messages and text-to-speech functionality for additional safety.
  • Jobs & Workflow: Organize drivers and vehicles with Jobs & Workflow, with automatic scheduling of drivers’ work for the day to improve customer communications.
  • Media Portal: Keep drivers informed with training guides, videos and images distributed to individual drivers or in groups.
  • In-Cab Scanning: Enable drivers to scan documents, capture signatures and take vehicle images with in-cab scanning.

Boost Fleet Efficiency
Reduce operating and maintenance costs, improve utilization and mitigate financial risks through real-time truck tracking and cargo visibility, reduced risk of fuel loss and preventive maintenance.

  • Live Truck Tracking: Live views show vehicle location and status information including driver name, drive time remaining, fuel level and more. See stop details, trip information and route replay and monitor against predefined fleet KPIs.
  • Fuel Management: Use the Fuel Auditor to protect against fuel theft by comparing actual fuel burned to fuel purchased over any period. Monitor fuel down to the last gallon; the Fuel Auditor records fuel tank levels every five minutes to detect fill and extraction events together with the time, date and location of each event.
  • Maintenance Planner: Schedule services and inspections based on time elapsed (e.g. every six months) or distance.

Truck Management with Advanced Fleet Telematics

BT 500: Truck Tracking Device for Complete Fleet Management

Powering ORBCOMM’s truck management product, the BT 500 provides complete visibility, monitoring and management of drivers, vehicles and displays. Part of a comprehensive solution that combines in-cab devices, powerful cloud-based reporting and connected hardware, the BT 500 provides GPS truck tracking, advanced data collection from the CANbus, flexible communication options and an open, scalable platform to connect to third-party apps and other devices.

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Truck Management with Advanced Fleet Telematics

FleetManager: Go Beyond Truck Tracking By Unlocking the Power of Your Fleet Data

FleetManager is a cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine which unlocks valuable data for every user in the organization.

Optimized to work with ORBCOMM’s truck, trailer, reefer and container monitoring devices, FleetManager delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, FleetManager provides all that is needed to ensure regulatory compliance, maximize asset utilization, minimize operational costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer satisfaction for better ROI.

Depending on your fleet, FleetManager can be configured to display specific workspaces with individual workspaces for dispatchers, fleet managers or the safety and compliance team. Its powerful features include individualized customization, advanced data mining, configurable reporting, intelligent search options, multi-user management and advanced mapping.

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“It’s got to be driver-friendly… that’s the most important thing. The units are very friendly for the drivers in-cab, and very accepted.”

Jim Franck, President of National Carriers

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