Canadian and American fleets

Staying Compliant in Canada

The #1 choice for Canadian and American fleets.

Unlock Fleet Potential

Use valuable insights to build your business.
  • Streamline Trips

    Add intelligence to route management with jobs and workflow tools.
  • Eco-Friendly

    Make fuel last longer with fuel monitoring capabilities that encourage optimal driving.
  • Safety First

    Voice coaching creates a feedback loop in seconds within the cab.
  • Technology Attracts

    Use intuitive software that makes the job more convenient for drivers.
  • Custom-Fit

    Build your ELD solution the way you need it with our open Android platform.

Leading the Pack

Drive profits with our innovative ELD solution.
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    Performance Scoring
    Rate and review driver performance.
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    Easy Communication
    Simplify driver-dispatch messaging with text-to-speech.
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    HoS Advisor
    Automate HoS calculations and alert drivers when hours are low.
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    Dynamic Display
    Check HoS and duty graphs for clear job breakdowns.
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    Simplify DVIRs
    Improve uptime with fast but thorough inspection reports.
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    Stay Connected
    4G connectivity ensures fleets are always connected and compliant.
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    Easy to Learn
    Intuitive and driver-friendly to maximize adherence.
Canadian ELD 101

Canadian ELD 101

Get the scoop on everything Canadian ELD by watching our video for drivers.

Built for Canadian and American Fleets

We’ve completed Canadian certification across all of our ELD solutions—the BT 500, FM 5000 and Pro 400.
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Achieve Complete Compliance

Achieve Complete Compliance

  • Maintain strong fleet reputation.
  • Reduce unnecessary fines.
  • Uncover driving behavior weaknesses.
  • Improve driver retention.
Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant with ORBCOMM

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