Fleet Maintenance

Preventive fleet maintenance technology

Discover data-driven decision-making powered by innovative technology for fleet repairs.

Smart Maintenance Matters

Empower your maintenance crew and drive vehicle uptime with proactive maintenance.
  • Quick Troubleshooting

    Give repair crews component data before the truck arrives in the shop to expedite troubleshooting and inform repair triage.
  • Service Prioritization

    Get trucks on the road faster with color-coded severity levels that can boost asset uptime and help crews free up shop space.
  • Repair Before Replace

    Dig into dashboards and analytics reporting to understand the critical data behind fleet maintenance.
  • Maintenance Intelligence

    Receive data-driven recommendations and insights into how long a vehicle has – in both mileage and time – before requiring service to inform trip planning.
  • Simplify Management

    View a remote snapshot of vehicle health for any asset at any time to better manage overall fleet health.

Empowering Maintenance Crews

Provide fleet technicians with the right tools and data for the job.
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    Comprehensive Reporting
    Filter out unnecessary data points to see the data you need.
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    Remote Monitoring
    Track vehicle health remotely to save shop space.
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    Maintenance Planner
    Schedule service based on data to optimize technicians’ time.
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    Counting on Codes
    Use fault codes and other diagnostics to quicken troubleshooting.
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    Combine ORBCOMM data with other systems to get a clearer picture.
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    Closing the Loop
    Messaging apps improve communication between drivers and shop.
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    Improved Reporting
    eDVIRs can ensure issues are being fixed before roadside repairs.
Manage Maintenanc Better

Manage Maintenance Better

Keep track of the health and performance of every asset in your fleet on one platform.

Proactive Maintenance Solutions

Empower maintenance crews and prolong fleet life with the power of data.
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Drive Fleet Maintenance

Drive Fleet Maintenance

  • Boost shop turnaround with remote troubleshooting.
  • Better manage fleet health with key insights.
  • Optimize service intervals by using data.
  • Limit guesswork with clear shop-driver messaging.
  • Repair before replacing with component tracking.
  • Triage with purpose using color-coded severity.
Master Maintenance

Master Maintenance with ORBCOMM

Leverage data-rich insights to keep your fleets on the road earning revenue longer.