Solutions: Web Applications

Powerful Asset Tracking, Monitoring, Control and Security Applications

ORBCOMM’s web-based asset tracking applications, built by industry experts for industry experts, deliver the insights you need to make smart decisions around your assets and cargo.

Road Transport

fleet manager

FleetManager (Trucks, Trailers, Reefers, Containers)
FleetManager is a cloud-based fleet analytics platform and information management engine which unlocks valuable data for every user in the organization. FleetManager delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform.



CargoWatch® (Trailers, Chassis)
CargoWatch is a high-performance trailer tracking application optimizing logistics management solutions for transportation service providers. CargoWatch delivers visible fleet status and exception reporting for fleet optimization and improved ROI.



ReeferTrak® (Reefer Trailers)
ReeferTrak provides advanced data reporting and analytics to increase visibility, efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance of refrigerated transportation assets. This translates into significant fuel savings, optimized temperature and increased customer satisfaction.


Intermodal Transport


ReeferConnect (Reefer Containers, Intermodal)
ReeferConnect is the leading M2M solution for real-time tracking and control of refrigerated containers and cargo in maritime and intermodal operations, helping to reduce waste, loss, damage and costs and improve compliance along the cold supply chain.



VesselConnect (Reefer Containers at Sea)
VesselConnect is a cost-effective, low infrastructure solution that enables local and remote management and control of refrigerated containers on board a sea vessel, helping ensure cargo integrity and reduce operating costs.


cargo watch secure

Cargowatch Secure (Cargo Security, Intermodal)
CargoWatch Secure is a robust and versatile cargo security solution that improves business operations by providing tracking, supply chain automation and a management dashboards. This enables customers to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real-time.


Heavy Equipment


FleetEdge (Equipment Telematics)
FleetEdge provides heavy equipment managers with access to asset status and location data for their entire fleet. Near real-time equipment information is transmitted to FleetEdge via global satellite or cellular networks for complete asset visibility and control.




RFID Software (Manufacturing, Inventory)
ORBCOMM’s RFID solutions enable reliable asset tracking for manufacturing, warehousing and inventory applications related to transportation, healthcare, aerospace, defense and more.



AssetWatchTM (Mining)
AssetWatch is a productivity-enhancing Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solution enabling total visibility of above and underground mining assets.


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