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Container Tracking Software for Refrigerated Assets

Reefer container temperature monitoring system

Trusted by the biggest names in ocean container shipping, ORBCOMM connects over 600,000 transport assets in complex global supply chains.

ORBCOMM provides the world's leading IoT solution for remote reefer container temperature management, helping drive more profitable operations on road, rail and sea. It enables real-time tracking and two-way control of refrigerated containers and cargo and helps shipping lines, terminal operators, carriers, cargo owners and other users achieve proven ROI:

  • Protect loads by ensuring optimal temperatures are maintained during transport.
  • Increase utilization and reduce operational costs, risk of cargo loss and asset damage.
  • Reduce claims with immediate reporting of alarm data for rapid response and repair.
  • Track all your assets – reefers, gensets, chassis and dry containers – with a single solution.
  • Minimize pre-trip inspection costs and time; expedite asset turns at port.
  • Reduce costs of monitoring services, infrastructure and 3rd party inspections.
  • Help build loyalty by simply and easily providing customers access to customized data.
  • Enable trip-based or temporary monitoring when permanent installations aren’t an option.
  • Ensure customer and regulatory compliance by capturing live data for food traceability.

Replace uncertainty, lack of visibility and reliance on manual inspections with actionable data to help you make faster and better business decisions. It combines advanced telematics hardware with a fully-revamped, modern user interface that’s both user-friendly and customizable.

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Container Vessel Connectivity


ORBCOMM’s VesselConnect enables local and remote management and control of refrigerated containers on board a sea vessel. The solution helps ensure cargo integrity and reduces operating costs by allowing crews to locally monitor temperature, humidity, location and slot position, reefer status and more from the VesselConnect application on the ship, which can also be synchronized through the cloud for remote land-based access. It virtually eliminates the need for manual checks, enhancing efficiency and minimizing risks to crew, especially in inclement weather.

Using on-board GSM infrastructure powered by Vobal Technologies, VesselConnect creates a wireless local data transport network on the ship, enabling refrigerated and other containers fitted with GPS/GSM modem devices to continue to report while the vessel is on the water.

This cost-effective, low-infrastructure system can be installed with no downtime to ensure immediate vessel redeployment. Deck crew receive real-time event-based alerts on handheld devices so they can take immediate action, while office-based crew can access the central terminal, which displays all bays and containers at a glance on an icon-based interface that can be easily and universally interpreted and understood.

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5 Reasons to Choose ReeferConnect for Remote Container Management

1. Protect Cargo and Reduce Damage/Claims
Track and troubleshoot climate conditions in real time, identify deviations and make remote changes to settings to ensure cargo integrity.

2. Improve Fleet Management and Utilization
Eliminate black holes with real-time GPS tracking and geofences to gain full asset visibility in-transit on road, rail or sea, as well as in container terminals and depots.

3. Dramatically Reduce Manual Inspection Costs
Perform automated pre-trip inspections that would normally take up to 6 hours to reduce labor costs and expedite asset turns at port.

4. Get Immediate Notification of Alarms and Alerts
Receive fully customizable, automated alarms for immediate notification of malfunctions and critical issues, enabling rapid response to help reduce cargo claims and damage.

5. Ensure Customer and Regulatory Compliance
Capture data for food traceability to ensure compliance with USDA, FSMA and other regulations. Receive a full audit trail using remote data loggers and web-based reporting for effective asset operation.

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