Privacy Shield

This document defines ORBCOMM®’s policies and processes for implementing the US Privacy Shield Program relating to Personal Information ORBCOMM and its affiliates collects, how it is used, and what rights you have regarding your Personal Information. To learn more about the Privacy Shield Programs, and to view ORBCOMM’s certification, please visit: https://www.privacyshield.gov/list.

"Personal Information" or “Personal Data” are defined as:

  • data about an identified or identifiable individual that are within the scope of the Directive, received by an organization in the United States from the European Union, and recorded in any form.

How we protect Personal Information and give our users choice

  • Our policies inform individuals about the personal data we collect from them, how we use it and how to contact us if they have question or concerns.
  • We provide this information on our website and through our privacy policies as well as in our contracts with our customers and third-party vendors and directly to our employees.
  • We collect and process personal Information about our employees for human resources purposes and in connection with our hiring process.
  • We may collect and process Personal Information about our customers and their personnel for the purpose of providing asset tracking and telematics services to our clients.
  • The Personal Information we collect is in accordance with the Privacy Shield Program.
  • We obtain consent for the collection and use of Personal Information as described in our privacy policy. Consent from our customers is given in our agreements. Employee consent is provided through our employment relationship and we collect and retain this Personal Information for the legitimate business purposes defined in our privacy policy.

Disclosures and transfers

We will not disclose Personal Information to third parties, except as described in our privacy policy or:

  • We have permission of the individual to make the disclosure.
  • The information in question is publicly available.
  • It is necessary to disclose the Personal Information to employees of ORBCOMM or its affiliated companies in connection with our sale and installation of our devices or provision of our services. Any transfer of this information within the ORBCOMM family of companies or to an authorized third-party will be in accordance with Privacy Shield, our Data Protection Agreements and our privacy policies. We will only transfer Personal Information where there is an adequate level of privacy protection.

ORBCOMM will be responsible for any third party with whom we share Personal Information.

Data, security, integrity and access

We have enacted technological and physical steps, as well as putting policies and processes in place in addition to training of our employees. Each of these measures are designed to reasonably protect your Personal Information from improper use, loss, access, deletion/destruction, modification of disclosure. However, as stated in our privacy policies, we cannot guarantee the security of information on or transmitted over the Internet.

Your rights regarding your Personal Information are defined in our privacy policy located at www.orbcomm.com/en/privacy-policy. If you have questions, wish to have your information deleted, or otherwise exercise your rights as defined in the GDPR or the Privacy Shield principles, contact us at privacy@orbcomm.com It will be necessary for you to provide us with sufficient information describing what the issues are with your Personal Information, the source of your Personal Information, approximate date where we might have acquired the Personal Information and any other useful material to help us in meeting your needs. However, we may reasonably reject your request where doing so would violate our legal, regulatory or similar obligations, where your request is unduly burdensome, where the rights of another party would be violated by complying with your request, as well as other reasons which we would communicate to you. Under certain circumstances, we may charge you a reasonable fee, for access to your Personal Information.


This Privacy Shield statement may be updated and/or revised at any time, and from time to time by posting a revised policy on and accessible on the ORBCOMM website(s). Any changes will take effect and pertain only to Personal Information we collect after the changes. We will only make changes that are permitted by the Privacy Shield program.

Information subject to other policies

We are committed to following the Privacy Shield program. However, certain information is subject to certain of ORBCOMM’s policies that may be different in some respects from the policies included in this Privacy Shield statement. Please make sure to review those other policies if you have any questions regarding your Personal Information.

Contact information

For further information or to file a complaint, please contact us at privacy@orbcomm.com.