Driver Safety Device for Better Fleet Management

Improve driver safety, enhance fleet efficiency and ensure compliance

ORBCOMM’s Pro-400 monitors driver behavior and alerts drivers and managers when actions that may compromise safety are detected. With state-of-the-art verbal coaching technology, the Pro-400 talks to drivers, telling them when they’re speeding, driving aggressively or not wearing a seat belt, helping them develop better driving habits.

The Pro-400 is used with a mobile app and a cloud-based application as part of a comprehensive solution. In addition to in-cab coaching, the solution sends data to the application, allowing managers to receive alerts and generate reports to track driver performance, fleet status and productivity, as well as to ensure compliance with regulations.


5 Reasons to Choose the Pro-400 for Driver Safety and Monitoring

1. Dual-mode connectivity
Connectivity over the 2G/3G cellular network with optional backup satellite for uncompromised communications and driver safety, even in some of the most remote regions of the world.

2. Feature-Rich
Supports Wi-Fi as well as I/Os to facilitate integration with sensors, mobile applications and third-party systems for driver ID, panic button, driver fatigue, lane departure and collision avoidance.

3. Accelerometer
Built-in GPS and accelerometer enable dot-on-the-map location tracking, movement-based reporting and accident detection and reconstruction.

4. Versatile
The Pro-400 solution supports OBDII and J-Bus connections and can be used with light to heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

5. Powerful Mobile App
Easy-to-use mobile app allows drivers to quickly access information, submit e-forms, and track and log Hours of Service (HOS), change duty status, vehicle inspections, fuel data, miles driven and more.

“One driver required five gallons less on fill ups because he eliminated aggressive driving habits; not to mention reducing the impact on the environment, a large part of our company's culture.”

Vice President of Operations, McCall Service

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