Container Monitoring & Control Device

Reduce refrigerated container operating costs and cargo loss

ORBCOMM’s ReeferConnect Unit (RCU) is a proven telematics device for use with marine reefer container monitoring. The unit supports a variety of integrated and external sensors and can easily be installed permanently or temporarily as needed for trip-based refrigerated containers monitoring.

The RCU communicates with OEM reefer controllers to read, monitor and remotely control the reefer container, including setting temperatures and humidity levels, initiating pre-trip inspections (PTIs), accessing data log downloads and updating the reefer controller software.

Reefer Container : RCU

Key Benefits:

  • Increase utilization and reduce operational costs, risk of cargo loss and asset damage
  • Reduce claims with immediate reporting of alarm data for rapid response and repair
  • Reduce pre-trip inspection (PTI) service costs and time
  • Reduce costs of container monitoring services, infrastructure and 3rd party inspections
  • Simply and easily provide customers access to data

5 Reasons to Choose the RCU for Reefer Container Monitoring & Control

1. Reduce Risk of Cargo Loss and Asset Damage
Integrate with ReeferConnect web application to track temperature in real time, protect cargo, troubleshoot problems and change settings remotely.

2. Improve Container Fleet Management and Utilization
Use real-time GPS tracking and geofences to gain two-way asset visibility in-transit on road, rail or sea as well as in container terminals and depots.

3. Reduce PTI Service Costs and Time
Perform remote pre-trip inspections (PTI) to reduce costs and increase asset turns. Easily install in 15 minutes or less with direct interface to Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin, and Star Cool reefer micros.

4. Reduce Claims with Immediate Alarms for Rapid Response
Receive fully customizable, automated alarms for immediate notification of malfunctions and critical issues. Deploy rapid response while reducing cargo claims and damage.

5. Ensure Customer and Regulatory Compliance
Capture data for food traceability to ensure compliance with USDA, FSMA and other regulations. Receive a full audit trail using remote data loggers and web-based reporting for effective asset operation.

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