IS 400

Tractor Identification Sensor

Improve driver retention, streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction with real-time tractor-trailer coupling

The IS 400 tractor ID sensor puts valuable time back in the hands of your drivers. No more searching the yard for the right trailer, only to connect the wrong one, leave the yard and not find out until the driver arrives at their destination. When the trailer is connected, instead of having to check with the driver, the back office can validate the pairing automatically.

IS 400 tractor ID sensor

The new IS 400 tractor ID sensor packs a precision sensor into a small, easy-to-install enclosure. The tractor ID device allows fleets to:

Improve Driver Retention
Remove menial tasks off drivers' hands and let them spend more time on the road.

Enhance Productivity
Discover incorrect tractor-trailer coupling in real-time, getting drivers back on the road faster.

Reduce Fleet Costs
Save on costs associated with missing deadlines on time-sensitive cargo.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Help ensure customers get their cargo, when and where they expect it.

Streamline Training
Simplify the pairing process in the yard and free up time to train drivers on more important issues such as safety and compliance.

Reduce Trailer Detention and Downtime
Identify exactly when a trailer is paired or unpaired, so drivers can get back on the road and transport more cargo.

Integrated with ORBCOMM’s GT 1200 series trailer tracking devices and part of a comprehensive, nose-to-tail smart truck and trailer solution, the IS 400 uses intelligent Bluetooth filtering technology to pair with the correct trailer every time. Identify the truck paired with the trailer and monitor the progress of the cargo in transit to create a more efficient fleet, while keeping drivers happy.

The IS 400 is part of ORBCOMM’s smart truck solution, which is key to today’s fully connected supply chain, bringing enhanced visibility, efficiency, safety and experience to fleets, drivers, and their customers. Combined with ORBCOMM’s smart trailer solution, this advanced intelligence enables a nose-to-tail smart vehicle. Every device and sensor is connected to the cloud, working simultaneously to send key data to the back office. Our cloud platform aggregates this data, alongside key software integrations, allowing fleets to analyze and act upon it to streamline your business operations, keep drivers safe and reduce costs. 

Smart truck and trailer telematics

5 Reasons to Choose the IS 400 Tractor ID Sensor

1. Smart Pairing
Automatically detect and pair with the trailer when in proximity, eliminating the need for manual verification that the right tractor and trailer are paired.

2. Real-Time Validation
See when pairing occurs, ensuring correct pairing as well as disconnect and begin/end move.

3. Easy Installation
Quick, non-intrusive installation to get assets back on the road quickly. Ruggedized and weatherproof enclosure keeps the device operating in the toughest conditions.

4. Bluetooth Filtering
Advanced Bluetooth filtering technology ensures that the device pairs with the right trailer in a packed yard, automatically transmitting the tractor’s ID number to dispatch when connected.

5. Part of a Comprehensive Solution
Part of a comprehensive smart truck and trailer solution allowing you to manage every asset in your fleet with a single, intuitive analytics and reporting platform.

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“ORBCOMM’s latest tracking and monitoring solutions ensure our multi-asset fleet is running at optimal efficiency and productivity and that our investment is protected for many years to come.”

Dean Gobrecht, Asset Intelligence Manager, Marten Transport