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Canadian ELD Provider: Loved By Drivers, Trusted by Fleet Owners

The #1 choice for Canadian and cross-border fleets

ORBCOMM is fully committed to meeting Canada's strict requirements and mandatory third-party certification, and is one of the few Canadian ELD providers already third-party certified in the U.S. To reduce cost and complexity, ORBCOMM's ELD solution will be fully compliant for both U.S and Canadian cross-border fleets. Plus, with IFTA, driver scoring, jobs and workflow, fuel monitoring and eDVIR, fleets can look forward to complete compliance with one feature-rich solution.

To help fleets prepare for ELD in Canada, we’ve prepared a handy implementation guide. Download Canadian ELD: The Definitive Guide, to learn about the changes and get the tools to ensure a smooth transition

Learn why fleet managers are choosing ORBCOMM for reliable, driver-friendly, scalable ELD technology in Canada:

Unbelievably clear
Make drivers’ lives easier with a quick-to-learn ELD interface—the industry’s most intuitive and simple solution only takes drivers minutes to train in.

The best coach—right there in the cab
The Hours of Service Advisor automates HOS calculations, alerts the driver when hours are running low, and advises on options to maximize hours.

Instant communication
Advanced messaging improves communication between the driver and office staff. Design your own custom data entry forms, customizable form messages– and use text-to-speech functionality for additional safety.

Perfect for compliance
Manage ELDs with dedicated online HOS and Exceptions workspaces, real-time HOS and duty graphs for drivers. Plus, eliminate unassigned miles.

Powerful device features
Add third-party apps, store and view documents, capture signatures and send high-resolution images to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Go Beyond ELD
Make incredible use of driver scoring, jobs and workflow, eDVIR, IFTA and fuel monitoring to turn your fleet into a profit center.

Built on an open, scalable ELD solution
Powerful BT 500 hardware, the ORBCOMM platform, 4G LTE connectivity and reliable Android in-cab devices. Now on Samsung!

Canadian ELD Devices

BT 500: Fleet Management Device for Canadian ELD Compliance and Much More

Powering ORBCOMM’s truck management product, the BT 500 is so much more than an ELD device, providing complete visibility, monitoring and management of drivers, vehicles and displays. Part of a comprehensive solution that combines in-cab devices, powerful cloud-based reporting and connected hardware, the BT 500 provides GPS vehicle tracking, advanced data collection from the CANbus, flexible communication options and an open, scalable platform to connect to for 3rd-party apps and other devices.

Pro-400 – ELDs for Fleet Vehicles, Oil & Gas, Specialty Fleets
Combining ELD compliance and advanced fleet safety features, the Pro-400 is designed to dramatically change unsafe driving behaviors and prevent crashes in an easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage fleet safety solution. Get immediate and dramatic results for fleets of all sizes. Safeguard drivers, increase fleet efficiency and ensure compliance with ELD and other regulations.

fleet tracking: Pro-400

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Smart truck and trailer telematics

In-Cab Devices, Tablets

Garmin ELD

Garmin Fleet 780: Purpose-Built for Fleet Telematics

The 7” Garmin fleet 780 tablet combines trusted navigation, specialized truck routing and fleet experience with the openness and flexibility of a tablet. Tough and optimized specifically for over the road trucking, its built-in dual-purpose camera functions as a dash cam for the road and a productivity camera at customers’ depots. Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth provides Internet connectivity to third-party peripherals, such as cameras and over-the-air map updates. Its customized truck routing has detailed maps with truck-related restrictions, such as bridge heights, sharp curves and weight limits.


Samsung: ORBCOMM’s ELD Solution Powered by Samsung
Samsung makes it easy to deploy a comprehensive solution that drives fleet productivity, improves driver retention and complies with the ELD mandate. Combined with ORBCOMM's driver-friendly ELD solution, Samsung devices provide a platform that integrates in-house or third-party apps seamlessly, is efficient to deploy and provides a secure, controllable environment for your fleet.



TomTom Bridge: The All-In-One Driver Terminal
The TomTom BRIDGE Terminal is a ruggedized 7" all in one device with truck-friendly routes, on-screen capture signature for paperless reports and enough connections to create a future-proof platform. Lifetime Maps and Traffic updates allow you to drive with the latest maps at no extra cost for the lifetime of your device. With state-of-the-art navigation and truck-specific routing, you can easily give directions to the closest assignment location, provide vital information on-site and scan data from Wi-Fi or NFC tags. Connectivity ready, the Bridge terminal comes with WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB OTG. Shock-proof, it is industrial grade and works in extreme temperatures.

Smart truck and trailer telematics

In-Cab Cameras

From identifying unsafe driving behavior to helping exonerate innocent drivers, in-cab cameras have become a critical addition to modern fleet management solutions. Camera footage helps fleet managers improve driving habits and training while minimizing liability risk and associated costs.

The IC 500, ORBCOMM’s forward and optional inward-facing in-cab camera, captures critical video to serve as a virtual witness that can help protect drivers and fleets against false claims.

In-Cab Cameras
  • Video Evidence: Capture video that can prove the innocence of your drivers to help avoid costly fines and protect your reputation.

  • Driver Training : Automatically record footage when critical events occur or configure thresholds to capture other minor incidents that can help improve driving skills

  • Complete Visibility : Pair footage with data generated by the BT 500 truck telematics device to get the complete picture and enhance visibility of operations.

  • Outward and Inward Optional : Capture footage of events on the road and, optionally, in the cab with the inward-facing camera.

  • Fleet Safety : Use footage to address unsafe driving habits and help keep drivers safe.

Identification Sensors

IS 400 Tractor ID Sensor

The IS 400 seamlessly integrates with our GT 1200 series trailer tracking devices, to allow dispatch to identify the truck that is connected to a trailer. The IS 400 uses Bluetooth technology to allow fleets to ensure that the right truck is connected to the right trailer, saving time and money. The Tractor ID sensor makes life easier for drivers by taking a menial task off their hands, improving driver retention for fleets, while giving the back office the peace of mind that the right cargo is on its way to the right destination.

IS 400 Tractor

Canadian ELD Solution

Canadian ELD Compliance and Analytics Platform Gives Meaning to Fleet Management Data

The ORBCOMM platform is a single, unified, next-generation analytics and reporting platform that unlocks data-rich insights from your assets so that you can make faster, more accurate, better informed decisions. Manage all your assets in one place with a single, user-friendly fleet management solution

Optimized to work with ORBCOMM’s truck (ELD/HOS), trailer, reefer and container monitoring devices, the ORBCOMM platform delivers advanced reporting and analytics for the entire fleet on one single platform. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, the platform provides all that is needed to ensure regulatory compliance, maximize asset utilization, minimize operational costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer satisfaction for better ROI.

Depending on your fleet, the ORBCOMM Platform can be configured to display specific workspaces with individual workspaces for dispatchers, fleet managers or the safety and compliance team. Its powerful features include individualized customization, advanced data mining, configurable reporting, intelligent search options, multi-user management and advanced mapping.

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The ORBCOMM Platform


5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMM’s Canadian ELD Solution

1. Committed to Canadian ELD
One of the few ELDs already third-party certified in the US, trust a committed expert to meet Canada's strict ELD requirements.

2. Ideal for Cross-Border Fleets
Ensure that your ELD is fully compliant in the US and Canada. Reduce cost and complexity with one feature-rich solution.

3. Go Beyond ELD Compliance
Turn your ELD into a profit center with features for driver scoring, jobs and workflow, DVIR, IFTA, fuel savings and more.

4. Improve Driver Retention
Attract and retain drivers with an easy-to-use ELD drivers love. Streamline roadside inspections, maximize drive time and correct logs on-the-go.

5. Boost Productivity
Reduce time and money spent on missing miles and unsigned logs. Increase efficiency with driver apps, Media Manager, messaging and in-cab scanning. Maximize vehicle uptime.

“It’s something that was going to be a positive—to be able to show the drivers ‘Yes, we’re going ELD, but you’re also getting some benefits’. Initially the drivers were against doing anything different, but after about two trips with the systems they liked it way better.”

Doug Ostrowski, COO, Queen Transportation

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