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Telematics System: ORBCOMM Platform
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Multiple assets shouldn’t mean multiple screens or applications to monitor and analyze your operation. While telematics systems can help with visibility, running different solutions from different providers is frustrating and inefficient.


Everything in one place: the ORBCOMM platform
The ORBCOMM platform is a single, unified, next-generation analytics and reporting platform that unlocks data-rich insights from your assets so that you can make faster, more accurate, better informed decisions. The all-new, cloud-based platform puts everything in one place with intuitive icons to distinguish asset types, reports by asset type and customizable workspaces and access control so that each user gets the data they need quickly and easily.

Your data, your way, anywhere you want it
Manage multiple assets through one seamless application from the office, at home, on the road or anywhere else; get informed quicker through tighter reporting intervals and uncover deeper insights about your business through advanced analytics. With ORBCOMM, you get one provider with one user-friendly platform, so you can efficiently optimize asset usage, easily comply with regulations, protect your cargo and improve safety, performance and productivity.

Key features

Any asset, anywhere
Our end-to-end telematics solutions enable comprehensive visibility and management so you can track, monitor, control and manage your assets in one place. Not just reefers, dry trailers and trucks, but chassis and dry and refrigerated shipping containers on road, rail and sea, along with integration with sensors for fuel, doors, cargo, temperature and more. Get the big picture through one source of information, with a single view of all assets and a single sign-on.

any asset, anywhere

Advanced analytics
Collecting data on your assets is only useful if you can turn it into actionable information. The ORBCOMM Platform delivers a wealth of information that can transform the way you do business by digging deeper into data to reveal hidden opportunities. Built for the future, the platform will support the evolving need for increased data and more sophisticated solutions in a 5G IoT ecosystem.

Self-service configurability
Take control with enhanced user, roles and permissioning for users, admins, groups and even customers. You decide which organizations, features, assets, devices, geofence, menus and data elements that users and groups see and control, with functionality to suit beginner, advanced and power users.

self service configurability
personalized usability

Personalized usability
With a modern, easy-to-use, intuitive interface, users find the platform quick to learn and flexible enough to accommodate basic, advanced or power users. Users can customize the data they need to see – with preferences, saved searches, scheduled reports, workspaces, widgets and data filters.

New reports
Bring new insights to the surface with dashboards and additional new reports to serve up critical information – and drill down quickly to find the information you are looking for. Schedule reports, use alerts and review exception workspaces to focus on what really matters.

Open and scalable
Enrich your organization’s TMS, ERP or third-party systems through flexible APIs and comprehensive integrations, giving you the opportunity to export telematics data from the ORBCOMM platform to internal or external dispatch and proprietary enterprise systems. The platform is scalable to suit any size of operation, whether you have 10 or 10,000 assets.
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Manage all your assets in one place with a single, user-friendly fleet management solution:



ORBCOMM has the most comprehensive, open, scalable and reliable truck telematics solution on the market today. Improve safety and driver productivity, increase fleet efficiency, simplify ELD and HOS regulatory compliance and reduce fuel costs.

dry van

Dry Van Trailers

Smart trailer management solutions from ORBCOMM provide the total visibility needed for fleet managers to optimize utilization, reduce costs, protect cargo, and more. Reduce idle and dwell times, improve turns, automate yard management and more.


Reefer Trailers

Our industry-leading cold chain solutions deliver complete two-way communication with all major reefer models, so you can remotely monitor and control temperature, prevent spoiled loads, reduce fuel costs and enable regulatory compliance.

5 Reasons to Choose the ORBCOMM Platform

1. 25 years’ experience
Choose a company that’s proven itself through 25 years of operation and 500,000 assets in the field and whose solutions have been widely deployed by some of the biggest names in the industry.

2. Seamless integration
Already using other critical enterprise applications like a transport management system? Our flexible APIs and comprehensive integrations seamlessly deliver rich asset data to your existing third-party or proprietary enterprise systems.

3. End-to-end
Our solutions feature proprietary, best-in-class technology and include intelligent IoT telematics devices, seamless satellite and cellular connectivity and the powerful ORBCOMM platform, all backed by end-to-end customer support through all aspects of deployment and beyond.

4. Single-source solution
Eliminate the risk and complexity of sourcing multiple providers for different assets. Unlike competitors, we provide integrated, proprietary end-to-end solutions for nearly every asset class. The devices, the connectivity and the ORBCOMM platform are all designed to work together, and there’s only one number to call if an issue arises.

5. Complete support
With global best-in-class multilingual sales, service and 24/7/365 technical support teams, we support customers from installation to ongoing free customer care.