Solutions: CargoWatch® Secure

Cargo Security Solution

Powerful intermodal container tracking, trailer tracking, security and supply chain automation

ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch® Secure is a powerful cargo security solution that provides enhanced visibility of assets in-transit and in-storage as well as complete asset lifecycle awareness. CargoWatch Secure supports management via dashboards, KPIs, and the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real-time.

CargoWatch Secure provides greater visibility and awareness, transforming trip data into billing and insurance records so that customers can quickly manage accounts payable, complete audits and answer end-user inquiries. Additional insights are provided through daily reports and advanced analytics. Real-time, event-based notifications also enable quick corrective measures when issues are detected.

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Breadcrumb reports with icons that display event history Dashboard displays asset map view and status reports Hotlist displays favorite alerts created by user Log reports display the history of all messages received Sensor graph with support for multiple parameters on single interface

5 Reasons to Choose CargoWatch Secure for Cargo Security

1. 24x7 Monitoring and Real-Time Alerts
View individual assets or entire fleets as well as historical data on asset trajectory for enhanced in-transit visibility. Receive real-time SMS and email notifications.

2. Exception Reporting
Receive exception-based alerts for door intrusion, unplanned/timed stops/deviations, geofences, tampering, and sensor threshold analytics.

3. System Intelligence and Analytics
Combine trip information and sensor data to produce actionable intelligence and analytics for adaptive system behavior.

4. Flexible and Versatile
Supports ORBCOMM’s leading-edge cargo security devices and other hardware. Communicate via RFID, GSM cellular, satellite, and ZigBee.

5. Easy, Cost-Effective Implementation
Easily interface with partner systems for non-intrusive integration and quick, cost-effective implementation.

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“ORBCOMM’s (intermodal container tracking) solution will play a significant role in improving shipment visibility and enhancing service to our customers.”

Chris Kravas, Chief Intermodal Officer at Hub Group, Inc.