IC 500

Fleet Dash Cams

Capture critical events on video with a virtual witness for improved fleet safety and visual proof against false claims. Help protect drivers, minimize risk and reduce costs with in-cab fleet dash cams.

The IC 500 in-cab camera captures near real-time video of incidents to help keep drivers safe while minimizing risk and associated costs, allowing fleets to:

  • Help protect against false claims and costly litigation;
  • Mitigate liability risk and damage to company reputation;
  • Detect hard stops and harsh acceleration;
  • Automatically register rolls, crashes and high-impact events;
  • Help decrease risky driver behavior;
  • Optimize driver training, and;
  • Increase the overall safety and security of fleet operations.
In-Cab Cameras

Integrated with ORBCOMM’s BT 500 truck telematics device, and part of a comprehensive fleet management solution, the IC 500 includes a forward-facing and optional inward-facing camera to deliver video evidence of events and serve as a virtual witness. Streamline the accident reconstruction process, identify and correct high-risk driver behavior, and help protect your fleet when incidents occur outside your drivers’ control.


5 Reasons to Choose the IC 500 In-Cab Camera for Video Capture

1. Critical Video Evidence
Capture video that can prove the innocence of your drivers to help avoid costly fines and protect your reputation.

2. Optimize Driver Training
Automatically record footage when critical events occur or configure thresholds to capture other minor incidents that can help improve driving skills.

3. Gain Complete Visibility
Pair footage with data generated by the BT 500 truck telematics device to get the complete picture and enhance visibility of operations.

4. Flexible configuration
Capture footage of events on the road and, optionally, in the cab with the inward-facing camera.

5. Improve Driver Safety
Use footage to address unsafe driving habits and help keep drivers safe.

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