BT 120

Trailer Management Device for Smarter Fleets

Real-time efficiency with trailer tracking, alerts and maintenance management

The BT 120 is a cost-effective, self-contained, ruggedised yet discreet trailer management solution providing real-time asset visibility, theft prevention and cost-effective asset utilisation.

Integrated with FleetManager, the BT 120 is a reliable, accurate trailer tracking device with robust external door sensors, real-time alerts and proactive maintenance management. Flexible communications take advantage of the higher performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks. Built to last with a tough, tested, ruggedised exterior, the BT 120 fits underneath the trailer for covert installation - with no external antennas. Using the device’s trailer odometer, fleet service managers can schedule trailer servicing and inspections based on trailer odometer readings or time elapsed.


5 Reasons to Choose BT 120 for Trailer Management

1. Comprehensive and Accurate
Use for complete asset visibility and receive alerts of unexpected events via SMS or email on any door open / close events.

2. EBS Brake Data
Increase productivity and minimise asset downtime with Electronic Braking Systems (EBS) data, using trailer weights, fault codes and “actual distance covered” data.

3. Built Tough
Fits underneath the trailer for covert installation with a tough, tested, ruggedised exterior.

4. Proactive Trailer Maintenance
See precise data on distance travelled by each trailer to cost-effective maintenance.

5. Fast, Reliable Data
Take advantage of the higher performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks.

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