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Heavy Construction Equipment Management

Construction Equipment Telematics for Complete Visibility and Control

ORBCOMM’s award-winning heavy construction equipment telematics solutions enable complete tracking, monitoring and control of assets in the world’s most remote areas. Enable intelligent management that strengthens competitive advantage and profitability. Get more from your fleet with complete gps tracking for construction equipment, enhanced operational efficiency and improved heavy equipment fleet maintenance.

ORBCOMM’s global heavy equipment solutions combine a powerful cloud application with multi-network connectivity and leading-edge telematics devices to create the most flexible telematics solution in the industry. Used by leading OEMs around the world, we provide everything from the building blocks right up to a complete fleet management solution to allow you to manage your assets your way.

New! Automate the process of material hauling by tracking and accounting for loads during excavation and construction. By linking field data, truck-mounted RFID Tags, portable scanners, and encrypted tickets, heavy highway, trucking and quarry companies can eliminate driver errors, reduce input costs and protect against potential litigation.

heavy equipment telematics solution
ORBCOMM’s award-winning heavy equipment fleet management solution includes a powerful cloud application, multi-network connectivity, and rugged, flexible terminals to deliver end-to-end benefits to OEMs, dealers and fleet owners.

Optimize Heavy Asset Utilization

  • Accurately track engine hours, idle ratio and monitor fuel consumption
  • Help prevent unauthorized use and theft
  • Receive sensor alerts and fault codes

Take Heavy Equipment Maintenance to the Next Level

  • Use data analytics and predictive maintenance to optimize maintenance schedules
  • Avoid breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime and increase machine life.
  • Increase machine life of heavy equipment assets.

Gain Complete Construction Fleet Visibility

  • Track heavy equipment with real-time position location reports
  • Find lost equipment and track stolen assets
  • Use geofences and enhance operator safety

Enhance Operational Efficiency

  • Optimize billing practices
  • Increase return on investment
  • Lower equipment lifecycle cost with real-time data

Automate Load Tracking During Excavation and Construction

  • Monitor loads for material type, cubic yards, job site location, operators’ names and more
  • Gather delivery and truck information using portable handheld scanners and truck-mounted RFID tags
  • Provide customised, encrypted, bar-coded tickets to drivers to keep dump/load records
  • Access real-time data in detailed online reports

Heavy Equipment Telematics Devices and Modems

PT 7000: Cellular or Dual Mode Satellite-Cellular Telematics for Heavy Equipment and Construction

The PT 7000 is designed to track heavy equipment assets in the most demanding environments in the world. As part of a comprehensive telematics solution that can include cellular and satellite connectivity, sensors and a cloud application, the PT 7000 delivers actionable data to fleet managers, giving them complete visibility of operations and enabling informed decision making.

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Datasheet heavy equipment tracking device

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GT 1030: Compact, rugged hardware for construction’s toughest challenges
The compact and flexible GT 1030 is designed to track fixed, portable, and mobile assets for OEMs and construction companies with mixed equipment fleets. With reliable, integrated data, the GT 1030 provide equipment insights for safe, efficient and productive construction sites. Together with cellular connectivity, sensors and a cloud application, the GT 1030 brings complete visibility of operations with global coverage, cost-efficient SIM management, multiple analog and digital interfaces and the latest in wireless technologies—all at a cost-effective price.

GPS trailer tracking: GT 1200

OG2 and OGi Satellite Modems

ORBCOMM's versatile, interchangeable M2M modems for OEMs feature an identical footprint, connectors, power input, programming environment, communication interface and protocols.

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Heavy Equipment Telematics Solutions

FleetEdge: Heavy Equipment and Construction Fleet Management Solution
ORBCOMM's FleetEdge is a powerful cloud application used by some of the world’s leading heavy equipment OEMs to have complete visibility and control of their fleets. It’s designed to enable fleet managers to gain complete fleet visibility, enhance operational efficiency, and improve maintenance practices for every machine, in any fleet. Data is transmitted from equipment around the globe back to the application via satellite or cellular networks for around-the clock operational visibility.

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heavy equipment telematics solution
ORBCOMM’s award-winning heavy equipment fleet management solution includes a powerful cloud application, multi-network connectivity, and rugged, flexible terminals to deliver end-to-end benefits to OEMs, dealers and fleet owners.

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Underground Mining

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) Applications for Underground Mining

By combining mining Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS), condition monitoring sensors, mobile devices and analytics software, ORBCOMM’s turnkey AssetWatch platform helps maximize production and profitability by enabling mine operators to:

  • Improve operational efficiency: Gain complete visibility and insight into your mining operations for better decision making and emergency response.
  • Enhance worker safety and visibility: Track the location and movement of personnel in real-time with alerts and reports. Monitor refuge stations and muster points in the event of an emergency or evacuation.
  • Optimize vehicle utilization: Combine RTLS, sensors and telematics with real-time vehicle tracking to maximize work hours and ore production.
  • Increase energy and environmental efficiency: Use advanced sensor monitoring to generate condition reports and get alerts. Optimize energy use from ventilation-on-demand (VOD) systems.

This flexible, turnkey and technology-agnostic solution lets you leverage your existing edge devices including Wi-Fi tags in your Cisco MSE/CMX network environment, leaky feeder proximity systems, Bluetooth, passive wireless RFID tracking or GPS and wireless vehicle telemetry devices. You get a single-source solution with application development built in, plus financial flexibility with SaaS, PaaS or licensed purchase models.

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The RTLS connected mine
ORBCOMM’s award-winning heavy equipment fleet management solution includes a powerful cloud application, multi-network connectivity, and rugged, flexible terminals to deliver end-to-end benefits to OEMs, dealers and fleet owners.

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“ORBCOMM stood out among all other telematics systems for their proven expertise in servicing large heavy equipment OEMs and providing the flexibility, scalability and resources needed to support the global deployment of solutions across JLG’s customer base.”

Hampden Tener, Senior Director, Global Product Management, JLG

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