Ethical Conduct

ORBCOMM believes that the best way to conduct business is fairly, openly and transparently. We expect our employees around the world to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards of ethical behavior as outlined in our Standards of Business Conduct. Upon commencement of employment and annually in subsequent years with ORBCOMM, all employees renew their commitment to this policy by signing a statement that they agree to abide by these standards. In addition, ORBCOMM’s employee handbooks are geographically specific, reflecting the legal, social and ethical customs and practices that support ORBCOMM’s philosophy of “Think Globally, Act Locally.”

In order to help our employees understand what is expected of them, ORBCOMM provides training in areas such as anti-corruption, diversity & non-discrimination and data privacy. A dedicated email (orbcommcompliance@orbcomm.com) is available to employees, customers and vendors/suppliers to raise issues and ask questions regarding ORBCOMM’s ethical conduct. Individuals can also anonymously contact the Legal & Compliance Department through the ORBCOMM Hotline at 1-844-884-0119 or https://orbcomm.ethicspoint.com/. International local numbers for the hotline are located on our EthicsPoint website.