As part of our sustainable business model, environmental responsibility is a key focus for ORBCOMM. We incorporate environmentally sound business practices and an efficient use of materials across our technological innovation and manufacturing operations and foster environmental awareness among our employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to help protect our planet. ORBCOMM’s commitment to environmental awareness is outlined in our Environmental Sustainability Policy.

ORBCOMM is focused on developing state-of-the-art IoT solutions that help our customers reduce their ecological footprint and promote a green economy. Our industry-leading trailer tracking devices are self-powered with solar recharging technology for low and efficient power consumption and long service life, which eliminates the need for frequent battery changes. Our best-in-class fleet management solutions help customers with fuel management, route optimization and driver behavior to maximize fuel efficiency, decrease idling, minimize CO2 emissions and reduce aggressive driving. Through our industry-leading cold-chain monitoring solutions, ORBCOMM enables customers to protect refrigerated cargo and deliver properly cooled food and pharmaceuticals to customers, eliminating spoilage and wasted loads.

ORBCOMM’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) service provides a full picture of vessel traffic to enhance ocean protection and compliance programs and help prevent Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing. Other ORBCOMM maritime solutions include vessel monitoring system (VMS) as well as buoy monitoring for tracking oil spills and transmitting environmental data at sea. In the oil and gas industry, ORBCOMM monitors and controls remote field equipment and sensors, to detect pipeline leaks and spills and other hazardous conditions.

In addition, ORBCOMM’s satellite and satellite-cellular solutions provide an easy and cost-effective way to connect people even in the most remote areas of the world to vital communications equipment during times of distress to facilitate better emergency preparedness, quicker evacuations and improved logistics during post-disaster crisis management. From providing the communication link for flood modeling software, to tracking vehicles and containers during storms, ORBCOMM’s satellite connectivity provides a reliable way to transmit routine information before, during and after extreme weather events, and fills in the communication gaps when cellular is no longer an option.

ORBCOMM Case Studies in Sustainability