Workplace Policies

With employees spanning 18 countries around the world, ORBCOMM endeavors to building a diverse workforce to better support our global customer base. We recruit our employees based on their individual skills, qualifications and experience, treating them with respect and dignity. We believe we have the most talented and dedicated employees in the industrial IoT, and that strength comes from leveraging the broad expertise and unique perspectives of people from different communities, backgrounds and cultures. Our corporate culture encourages a collaborative and inclusive environment based on camaraderie, teamwork and mutual respect where everyone has a voice, and everyone can make an impact on contributing to ORBCOMM’s success.

Freedom of Association
Freedom of association is a basic right that ensures that people are free to organize, form and participate in groups, either formally or informally. ORBCOMM equally supports the rights of our employees not to be forced to join any group or organization.

Forced Labor
As our best asset, our employees are with us by choice. ORBCOMM believes that no one should be coerced into working with us, whether through threat of violence or intimidation. Forced labor is a violation of human rights and is counter to ORBCOMM’s ethical standards. In addition, ORBCOMM does not recruit or hire children and condemns the use of and exploitation of children in labor.

Harassment-Free Workplace
ORBCOMM is committed to providing a fair and harassment-free working environment. We have the trust of our employees because ORBCOMM provides a safe and secure workplace where behaviors adverse to that are not permitted. This philosophy is outlined in our Global Violence & Harassment Policy.