Telematics Devices and IoT Terminals

Telematics Devices, Satellite Terminals and IoT Hardware

ORBCOMM's powerful, rugged and cost-effective telematics devices and terminals track, monitor and control assets in the most remote areas of the world with complete global coverage across multiple satellite and cellular networks.

Trucks, In-Cab and Driver Safety

BT 500

BT500 (Cellular)
The BT500 provides complete visibility, monitoring and management of drivers, vehicles and displays. Part of a comprehensive fleet management solution, the BT500 provides GPS fleet tracking, advanced data collection from the CANbus, flexible communication options and an open, scalable platform.

IC 500

In-Cab Cameras
Featuring outward and optional inward-facing in-cab cameras, the IC 500 captures near real-time video of incidents to help keep drivers safe, minimize risk, and reduce fleet costs.

ELD Tablets

Deploy your ELD solution on rugged, truck-specific tablets designed to keep drivers productive and your fleet’s data secure. Choose from Garmin, Samsung or TomTom.



Pro-400 (Cellular and Dual-Mode)
ORBCOMM’s Pro-400 monitors drivers performance and alerts drivers and managers of unsafe behaviours through state-of-the-art verbal coaching. Detect speeding, aggressive driving, seat belt violations and use driver scoring to improve performance over time.


Trailer Tracking, Dry Van and Chassis

GPS trailer tracking: GT 1200

GT 1200 Series (Cellular, Dual-Mode)
The next-generation GT 1200 series is an ultra-compact dry trailer and container tracking solution with expanded support for wireless sensors, quicker and safer field installation, an improved solar panel, and many more advanced features. Comes as standalone tracking solution or as an all-in-one, feature-rich device with integrated cargo sensors.


GT 1020

GT 1030: Chassis (Cellular)
The GT 1030 provides reliable visibility into the location and status of your chassis fleet to optimize inventory, improve utilization and minimize losses.


Intermodal Containers and Cargo Security

reefer tracking: PT 6000

CT 3000 (Cellular)
The CT 3000 enables real-time visibility and control of refrigerated containers moving along the cold chain. Protect cargo, control reefer temperature, simplify pre-trip inspections (PTIs), access data logs and more.


Reefer and Cold Chain

reefer tracking: PT 6000

PT 6000 (Cellular, Dual-Mode)
The PT 6000 offers two-way monitoring and control of refrigerated trailers, containers and railcars. Enables comprehensive temperature, fuel and maintenance management, multi-temperature zone support, event-based alarms and more.


BT 320

BT320 (Cellular)
The BT320 is an advanced temperature monitoring device for refrigerated trucks and trailers, with two-way reefer control, maintenance scheduling, temperature compliance data, EBS connectivity, refrigerated vehicle tracking, in-cab reefer monitoring for drivers and real-time alerts.


Heavy Equipment

heavy equipment monitoring: PT 7000

PT 7000 (Cellular, Dual-Mode)
The PT 7000 is a ruggedized, dual-mode tracking and monitoring device designed specifically for a broad range of heavy equipment types and sizes in construction, mining, rail and utilities.


heavy equipment monitoring: GT 1020

GT 1030: Heavy Equipment (Cellular)
The complete, proven cellular tracking device for construction telematics, with multiple I/O’s, global coverage and connectivity for any application at a cost-effective price.



ST 6100

ST 6000 Series (Satellite)
ORBCOMM’s ST 6000 series satellite terminals can used to provide seamless ship-to-shore connectivity for fishing vessels and buoys. A newly designed, built-in antenna makes this device suitable for both land and maritime deployments using the IsatData Pro network.


trailer tracking: IDP-800

IDP-800 (Satellite)
The IDP-800 is a low-profile, fully programmable satellite communications device with an integrated battery compartment that uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite network for near real-time tracking of trailers, containers, vessels and more.


General and Multi-Purpose Asset Tracking

ST 6100

ST 6000 Series (Satellite)
ORBCOMM’s ST 6000 series satellite terminals deliver complete visibility and control of industrial assets operating in remote areas, with global satellite connectivity over the IsatData Pro network.


ST 9100

ST 9100 (Dual-Mode)
The fully programmable ST 9100 is a dual-mode satellite/cellular device, combining cellular network coverage and the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service. This versatile device enables asset tracking and monitoring for a wide variety of applications on land and at sea, in the most remote areas of the world.



ST 2100 (Satellite Communications Device)
The ST 2100 provides reliable satellite connectivity over the two-way IsatData Pro network to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets.