FM 6510: Smart dashcam

The smart dashcam for light commercial vehicle fleets

Protect your drivers, protect your vehicles and protect your reputation.
FM 6510

Safety. Visibility. Efficiency.

It’s way more than just a dash camera. The FM 6510 detects unsafe driving behavior and coaches your drivers to promote safety and fuel economy, tracks your vehicles and helps reconstruct accidents with data and video footage, which may help shield you from insurance claims.

Protected. At every mile.

The FM 6510 smart dashcam combines video footage and telematics data to help light commercial vehicle fleets keep sight of their operations around the clock.
  • icon Safer driving
    Managers get customizable alerts when incidents occur and drivers get instant voice coaching in the cab.
  • icon Increased oversight
    Use location data and geofencing to see who’s driving and if vehicles go off-route or outside of regular hours.
  • icon Improved fleet efficiency
    Cut fuel waste and reduce vehicle wear by monitoring and correcting vehicle data and driving behavior like speeding, harsh acceleration, hard stops and unnecessary idling.
  • icon Simplified management
    Quickly see which drivers should be coached or rewarded, along with critical safety events, all on a single dashboard for efficient management.
  • icon Accurate speeding detection
    Reports speeds based on the speedometer and compares them against a built-in database with speed limits, unlike other systems.
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