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Container and Intermodal Asset Tracking

ORBCOMM customers depend on the real-time data offered by our container and intermodal asset tracking tracking solutions for complete end-to-end visibility and control of equipment fleets.

Whether for dry, refrigerated or tank containers, or for supporting equipment such as chassis and gensets, users can better manage their transport assets, reduce operating, M&R, fuel and inspection costs, increase fleet utilization, improve regulatory and customer compliance, and identify priority issues for rapid response.

ORBCOMM container and intermodal asset tracking solutions provide commercial and government entities with actionable data—when and where they need it— on the status of their equipment and cargo in near-real time, even from the most remote regions of the world.

Optimize Operations with Live Location and Status Data

  • Improve fleet utilization, reduce dwell/cycle time and minimize repositioning costs with precise information on equipment location and status.
  • Seamlessly track your equipment in transit via land and sea and at ports/terminals/depots/DCs/railyards with GPS and geofencing.
  • Quickly identify delays, deviations and non-conformance to plan for proactive response and better customer information.

Reduced Spoilage Costs with Reefer Container Tracking

  • Safeguard chilled, frozen and other sensitive cargo from degradation with 24/7 remote monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and other climate conditions.
  • Reduce the risk and insurance costs associated with spoiled goods.
  • Set up automated alarms and alerts for proactive incident response.

Protect Cargo and Help Prevent Theft, Crime

  • Detect, deter and help prevent cargo theft, tampering, damage and fraud with sophisticated telematics combining GPS, GSM, satellite and sensor capabilities.
  • Remotely detect door lock/unlock, seal status, intrusion and loading/movement to help prevent cargo crime and ensure the security of equipment and goods in ports and across intermodal transport networks.
  • Locate stranded, stolen or lost containers, chassis and gensets with GPS location information.
  • Prevent fuel theft with remote fuel level monitoring.
  • Track and identify shock and impact events that may cause severe damage to containers and cargo.

Reduce M&R, Inspection and Fuel Costs

  • Reduce the costs, time and uncertainty of manual intervention with remote software updates, fuel monitoring, PTIs and other inspections.
  • Gain valuable data on equipment operating hours, malfunctions and other vital health signs to support scheduled maintenance and maximize asset lifecycle.
  • Reduce the number of physical inspections required to verify whether gensets, reefer containers and chassis are working as required.

Port and Container Terminal Equipment and Vehicle Management

  • Improve port and container terminal operations with 24x7 monitoring of equipment and vehicle fleets.
  • Gain complete visibility of port equipment and vehicles for improved utilization, maintenance and operational efficiency.

Intermodal Container Tracking

RCU: Reefer Container Monitoring and Control

Supporting a variety of sensors, the RCU is a refrigerated ocean container monitoring device that communicates with OEM reefer controllers to read, monitor and remotely control reefer temperatures and humidity levels, initiate pre-trip inspections (PTIs), access data log downloads and much more.

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GT 2300: Complete Visibility for Tracking Intermodal Containers
The GT 2300 is a robust container tracking device with cellular communications and GPS, providing visibility into the status, movement, loading and unloading transactions of dry intermodal container operations.

intermodal container tracking device: GT 2300

GT 1000: Cargo Security Device
The GT 1000 is a cellular-enabled electronic bolt seal that sets the standard for enhanced cargo security and visibility. Designed to deter cargo theft and enable recovery, ORBCOMM’s GT 1000 also provides virtual warehouse and in-transit visibility for intermodal containers in transit around the world.

cargo security: GT 1000

GT 1100: Easy Installation on Intermodal Containers
ORBCOMM’s solar-powered GT 1100 has a small form factor that makes it easy to install in the groove of intermodal containers to provide complete asset visibility, improve operations and lower the cost of doing business.

GPS trailer tracking: GT 1100

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Intermodal Container Tracking

Trusted by the biggest names in the business, ReeferConnect is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution for remote container management, enabling real-time tracking and two-way control of refrigerated containers and cargo, across land and sea. Deployed on more than 300,000 reefer containers worldwide, ReeferConnect helps shipping lines, intermodal operators, cargo owners and other users achieve proven ROI.

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CargoWatch® Secure: Complete Cargo Security Solution
ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch Secure application is a robust and versatile intermodal container tracking solution that enables our customers to vastly improve their business operations. This powerful web application provides security, supply chain automation and a complete management dashboards, providing the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real-time.

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“This engagement demonstrates our confidence in ORBCOMM’s expertise in developing premier, end-to-end telematics systems.”

Chris Kravas, Chief Intermodal Officer, Hub Group, Inc.

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