Intelligent Asset Management

Honing in on Heavy Equipment Management

Track fixed or mobile assets virtually anywhere.
GT 1030

Asset Management Anywhere

Optimize inventory, improve utilization and minimize losses with visibility into the location and status of your machines, stores and tools. The compact, ruggedized and flexible GT 1030 is designed to track fixed, portable, and mobile assets for OEMs and construction companies.

Accurate and reliable

Equipment insights for safe, efficient and productive construction sites.
  • icon Enhanced Global Coverage
    Seamless, faster connectivity with global LTE, a global SIM card to switch networks cost-efficiently, and global certifications and type approvals.
  • icon More connectivity
    Supports multiple visibility and safety uses with wired connections, multiple I/Os (analog/digital, RS-232, RS-485) and Bluetooth BLE functionality.
  • icon Quick and discrete installation
    Compact yet robust, with integrated GPS and cellular antennas for discrete, covert installation in small spaces to deter theft and tampering.
  • icon Built to withstand extreme conditions
    Ruggedized with IP67 rating, it can resist dust, water, shock and vibration. Lengthy unpowered reporting with backup battery (frequency dependent).
  • icon Flexible and versatile
    Available as a turnkey solution with FleetEdge, cellular connectivity and sensors, with APIs to extend integration into third-party applications.
Stay Connected

Get complete visibility of operations

Global coverage, cost-efficient SIM management, multiple analog and digital interfaces and the latest in wireless technologies—all at a cost-effective price.