Driver coaching

Boost safety with adaptive in-cab driver coaching

Reduce speeding, crashes, nuclear verdicts and more with a fleet safety solution driven by data.

Change driver behavior before it’s too late

Protect your fleet with the only true fleet safety solution.
  • Leverage the Power of Voice

    Proactive voice coaching technology talks to drivers, telling them when they’re speeding or driving aggressively to help develop better driving habits.
  • Go Beyond Compliance

    Leverage an ELD solution drivers love to use, offering safety improvements and features designed to simplify operations and improve profit.
  • Boost Fleet Profitability

    Reduce operating costs with better fuel usage, routing, and customer service. Keep vehicles on the road, reduce wear and tear and enable predictive maintenance.
  • Minimize Liability Risk

    Reduce incidents, protect your reputation and help keep drivers safe with proactive voice coaching, dash cams, speeding, seat belt alerts, driver scoring and more.

Tools of the Trade

Boost driving behavior with a data-driven safety solution built for fleets.
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    Voice Coaching
    Send highly effective voice alerts to drivers.
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    Compare vehicle speed to our proprietary speed limit database.
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    Seat Belt Alerts
    Ensure seat beats are used properly and get violation alerts.
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    Crash Detection
    Get instant alerts via phone, text or e-mail.
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    Exception Alerts by Severity
    Escalate alerts for serious violations.
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    Panic Button
    Place emergency calls with a push of a button.
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    Driver Scoring
    Reward good drivers and identify those in need of training.
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    Fuel Savings
    Monitor MPG for every vehicle in your fleet.
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    Comply with ELD, HOS, IVMS, IOGP and OSHA standards.
ORBCOMM Platform

Make Safety the Standard

Drive fleet safety by managing event alerts and driver behavior for each asset in one central location: the ORBCOMM platform.

Driver Coaching Solutions

Power fleet safety with coaching devices, ELD tablets and fleet cameras.
Smarter together

Fleet Safety and Collision Avoidance with Bendix

Assess driving trends and develop targeted driver training through our Bendix integration.
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Improved Driver Behavior

Improved Driver Behavior

  • Teach with data for unbiased improvement.
  • Identify poor driving trends before they escalate.
  • Monitor speeding through limit database.
  • Increase seat belt adherence with alerts.
  • Use tools to ensure safety compliance.
Speak Up for Safety

Speak Up for Safety

Learn how fleets are using our fleet safety solution to improve driver performance, reduce accidents, decrease insurance premiums and more.
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