Driver Performance Scoring

Boost productivity with driver performance scoring

Reward good drivers and identify training gaps with a smart driver scorecard program.

Scoring for Success

Change driving behavior to boost fuel economy, prolong fleet life and more.
  • Enhance Fleet Safety

    Improve driver behavior right in the cab with live onboard driver performance scoring, feedback and coaching. Foster a culture of safety and continuous improvement.
  • Get Driver Buy-In

    Reward drivers for good driving habits and use accurate data to increase acceptance and trust in the system.
  • Intuitive and Easy to Understand

    Color-based scoring, grading and ranking make the driver aware of areas for improvement without adding more distraction. Customize what is presented to each driver.
  • Get the Full Picture with 360° Driver Scoring

    Deliver driver scoring across three primary categories and 26 sub-categories to ensure drivers are well-rounded across all priority KPIs.
  • Improve Fuel Economy

    Leverage the unique Anticipation feature to increase fuel efficiency one brake press at a time.

Winning at the Wheel

Our driver scoring solution gauges performance and safety using fleet data.
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    Comprehensive Coaching
    Categories include speeding, harsh braking, idling and more.
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    Color-Based Scoring and Grading
    Show drivers where they rank and how they can improve.
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    Analyze brake/accelerator data to improve fleet safety.
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    Vehicle Profiler
    Compare driver habits to truck manufacturer recommendations.
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    Fuel Auditor
    Monitor MPG and measure the impacts of driver behavior.
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    Driver Performance App
    Gives drivers access to performance history anytime, anywhere.
ORBCOMM Platform

Gauge driver grades in one location

Simplify driver performance management by analyzing data in one location – the cloud-based ORBCOMM platform.

Driver Scoring Solutions

Create a scoring system within your fleet using our data-driven technology.
Smarter together

Smarter Together

Develop targeted driver training before accidents occur thanks to our integration with Bendix.
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Upgrade Driver Performance

Upgrade Driver Performance

  • Leverage focused driver training with data.
  • Rank your roster to determine areas of improvement.
  • Dive deep into driving with 29 unique categories.
  • Fix problems as they occur with live scoring.
  • Foster fuel-conscious culture through coaching.
Support your Drivers

School the Competition with ORBCOMM

Leverage driver scoring solutions to improve road safety and productivity one driver at a time.
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