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Oil & Gas Fleet Management and Equipment Monitoring

Oil and gas companies need to ensure continuous operation of critical equipment, no matter how remote. This means knowing exactly where your fleets and equipment are, how they are performing and identifying problems as they occur.

With the only telematics solution born in the oil & gas industry, and the rugged industrial devices to match, ORBCOMM’s purpose-built technology is designed to meet the unique needs of oil & gas operators. Our reliable networks and devices help oil and gas companies enhance digital oilfield initiatives for improved operations, reduced operating costs and increased profits.

Increase Oil & Gas Fleet Efficiency and Driver Safety

  • Fleet Safety and Visibility: Use GPS to track vehicles involved in traditional and unconventional oil & gas operations. Receive trips details, stop reports, geofences, breadcrumbs and immediate incident alerts.
  • Verbal In-Cab Driver Coaching: Send real-time verbal alerts for speeding, seat belt use, aggressive driving and idling to eliminate unsafe behavior before it is too late.
  • Speed-by-Street™: Compare vehicle speed to our proprietary database of posted speed limits.
  • Compliance: Eliminate time-consuming paper logs with Electronic Hours-of-Service reporting, receive hazardous load notifications, and ensure compliance with regulations (including the new ELD rule) and IVMS/IOGP standards.
  • Fuel Savings: Monitor miles per gallon (mpg) for each fleet vehicle and driver on a daily basis.

Monitor and Control Remote Oil and Gas Equipment

  • Monitor remote field equipment and sensors used in oil and gas exploration and production. Collect and analyze data locally.
    • Maintain near-real time visibility of flow meter, pressure and temperature readings, using Modbus and other protocols.
    • Open and close valves from a control center without on-site intervention.
    • Monitor tanks to avoid costly leaks and spills by remotely controlling tank levels.
    • Remotely monitor production wellhead compressors to avoid downtime and ensure peak efficiency.
    • Monitor the bearing temperature of pumps to ensure proper operation.
  • Track location and pitch and roll of cold-stacked Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs).

Monitor Pipelines for Cathodic Protection and Security

  • Receive critical alarms and measure pipeline flow rates by collecting field parameters from pressure sensors.
  • Monitor pipeline rectifiers in cathodic protection systems to prevent corrosion, reduce leaks and lengthen equipment life.
  • Detect pipeline leaks and prevent oil theft by quickly identifying illegal taps. Align PIG readings with location of anomalies.

Reduce Costs and Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Enable transmission of periodic, event-based reports on equipment status, operating parameters, flow rate and more, without sending workers to the field.
  • Control flow meters and tank levels remotely to streamline empty-refill schedules.
  • Reduce airtime costs by sending only relevant data over-the-air.
  • Increase operational efficiency by eliminating multiple network devices that must be configured and maintained.
  • Transform a satellite-enabled device into a low-cost Remote Terminal Unit (RTU).

Oil & Gas Fleet Management and Equipment Monitoring

Pro-400 – Fleet Management and Driver Safety

The Pro-400 is designed to dramatically change unsafe driving behaviors and prevent crashes in an easy-to-implement, easy-to-manage fleet safety solution—delivering immediate and dramatic results for fleets of all sizes. Safeguard drivers, increase fleet efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

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ST 6100 (Satellite)
The compact, rugged ST 6100 satellite device is designed for use in hazardous environments. It can be used for SCADA polling, communication with remote devices via Modbus (RS232/RS485), and digital/analog event monitoring. The programmable device can be pre-loaded with an optional, device-level application for providing secure connectivity between remote SCADA PLCs and enterprise systems for remote oil and gas monitoring.

asset tracking: ST-6100

ST 9100 (Dual-Mode)
The fully programmable ST 9100 is a dual-mode satellite/cellular device, combining cellular network coverage and the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service. This versatile device enables asset tracking and monitoring for a wide variety of applications on land and at sea, in the most remote areas of the world.

ST 9100

ST 2100 (Satellite Communications Device)
The ST 2100 provides reliable satellite connectivity over the two-way IsatData Pro network to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets. The device features an optional internal super capacitor, allowing continued operation during temporary power loss. A built-in GNSS module allows global location tracking, and the device is enabled with over the air firmware updates without having to send a technician on site.


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