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Smart Agriculture Management

Farmers and agribusiness are looking for smart, efficient ways to increase food production and profitability all while improving sustainability.

Many agricultural processes can be remotely tracked, monitored, and controlled to increase production and efficiency, so food producers are turning to the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for help.

Smart agriculture solutions enabled by the IoT are allowing food producers to:

Increase crop productivity and minimize water consumption

  • Monitor rainfall, evaporation, and soil moisture to ensure ideal growing conditions for specific crops to achieve optimal harvest
  • Monitor soil moisture on a field-by-field and row-by-row basis to reduce water consumption

Optimize crop quality and yield

  • Monitor soil temperature to ensure ideal growing conditions
  • Use air and soil temperature data to determine the best time to harvest
  • Collect micro climate data to predict frost to be able to protect seedlings and sensitive crops

Minimize plant losses

  • Pest, disease and plant health can be tracked to compare against historical trends and effectively mitigate negative effects
  • Efficiently spray agrochemicals and fertilizers by monitoring the route and speed of sprayers

Improve crop storage

  • Monitor temperature and humidity in grain silos and crop storage bags to ensure the quality of stored grain
  • Monitor off-gassing in grain silos to ensure the safety of farm workers

Smart Agriculture Management

ST 6100: Satellite Remote Monitoring

Choose the ST 6100 for remote asset management. The IDP series of satellite devices offers customers a quick and smart way to integrate into agriculture solutions to enable sensor-based monitoring of environmental conditions, water consumption, soil moisture/temperature, irrigation parameters and more.

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IDP-782: Dual-Mode Satellite-Cellular
The IDP-782 is an integrated, dual-mode communications device that delivers reliable connectivity to mobile assets used in agriculture operations. It can also be used as a backup to ensure constant communication with fixed equipment.

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