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Smart Grid Monitoring

Utility companies are looking for smart grid mointoring systems to affordably and reliably extend their communication network to improve electricity distribution and prevent outages, particularly where multiple installation points exist across remote areas.

Similarly, water monitoring is becoming increasingly challenging in remote areas, with utilities, governments and industry looking for ways to automate water meter readings, detect water leaks, improve efficiency and control water quality.

Satellite IoT powers ORBCOMM's smart utiltiies technology to deliver alerts and reports from remote sites, while improving delivery, regulation, analysis and response.

Smart Grid Monitoring for Improved Electricity Distribution

  • Use satellite IoT technology to continuously monitor and control Smart Grid infrastructure like reclosers, fault indicators, capacitor banks, and more
  • Quickly identify faults in electricity distribution networks and isolate those sections of the network in order to help prevent outages to a much larger number of customers.
  • Collect and deliver Smart Grid data to a control center in near real time, giving operators the visibility they need to minimize impact of unplanned outages.
  • Connect directly to Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to extract SCADA data, and send commands to remote equipment.
  • Process data at the edge to reduce data transmission costs and ensure efficient and continuous distribution of electricity.

Improve Water Management and Automate Water Meter Reading

  • Continuously monitor water levels, withdrawal, balance, flow rates, water quality and pollution.
  • Send automated water meter readings to allow actual consumption to be billed in real time.
  • Control water flow to customers and import data into billing systems.
  • Use improved water data to track surface and groundwater availability.
  • Monitor pipeline integrity and detect water leaks.

Improve Utilities Fleet Management and Driver Safety

  • Fleet Safety and Visibility: Track utility vehicles via GPS, including trips details, stop reports, geofences, breadcrumbs and immediate incident alerts.
  • Verbal In-Cab Driver Coaching: Send real-time verbal alerts for speeding, seat belt use, aggressive driving and idling to eliminate unsafe behavior before it is too late.
  • Speed-by-Street™: Compare vehicle speed to our proprietary database of posted speed limits.
  • Compliance: Eliminate time-consuming paper logs with Electronic Hours-of-Service reporting, receive hazardous load notifications, and ensure compliance with regulations (including the new ELD rule).
  • Fuel Savings: Monitor miles per gallon (mpg) for each fleet vehicle and driver on a daily basis.

Smart Utilities Management

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ST 6100: Satellite Remote Monitoring
Choose the ST 6100 for remote asset management. The IDP series of satellite devices offers customers a quick and smart way to integrate into solutions for automated water metering, water level monitoring, leak detection as well as in utilities applications such as managing reclosers.

asset tracking: ST 6100

ST 9100 (Dual-Mode)
The fully programmable ST 9100 is a dual-mode satellite/cellular device, combining cellular network coverage and the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service. This versatile device enables asset tracking and monitoring for a wide variety of applications on land and at sea, in the most remote areas of the world.

ST 9100

ST 2100 (Satellite Communications Device)
The ST 2100 provides reliable satellite connectivity over the two-way IsatData Pro network to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets. The device features an optional internal super capacitor, allowing continued operation during temporary power loss. A built-in GNSS module allows global location tracking, and the device is enabled with over the air firmware updates without having to send a technician on site.


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“Taking daily water measurements and transmitting the data via a satellite communications link can be very cost effective — as little as $1 per day … Because the company doesn’t have to rely on on-site human intervention, more frequent readings and access to real-time data anytime is now possible.”

Paul Gapes, General Manager, Pacific Data Systems Pty. Ltd.

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