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Cargo Security

From the manufacturing site to warehousing and intermodal distribution, telemetry-based cargo security solutions combine location and sensor data with information from shipping and business processes to provide actionable security alerts.

ORBCOMM sets the standard for enhanced cargo security devices and solutions, while providing near-real-time asset tracking for reliable in-transit visibility of trailers, containers and vehicles anywhere in the world.

Enhance Cargo Security

  • Improve cargo security through regular communication of critical sensor, system, and telemetry data.
  • Track the transportation of dangerous goods and receive warnings of hazardous situations.

Help Prevent Cargo Theft and Enable Recovery

  • Monitor container doors to help detect theft and enhance cargo security from origin to destination.
  • Stay in touch and employ panic buttons for drivers operating in high-risk areas.
  • Help prevent hijacking by detecting the use of GPS/GSM signal jammers. Track stolen vehicles using GPS location information.

Reduce Risk and Improve Profitability

  • Combine cargo security with GPS tracking and asset management for complete in-transit and warehousing visibility.
  • Reduce risk and improve the bottom with rugged devices to help prevent intrusion and detect tamper notification, position/motion reporting.
  • Deploy easy-to-install, compact and environmentally-hardened devices and powerful web-based applications for added cargo security.

Help Prevent Fuel Theft

  • Use sensors to detect the rapid loss of fuel and send alarms to alert for potential fuel theft and pilferage.
  • Deliver near-real-time location, fuel level and security status of fuel tankers in military and other applications.
  • Regularly monitor fuel levels and multiple chamber tank levels using operations data.

Cargo Security

CargoWatch® Secure: Complete Cargo Security Solution
ORBCOMM’s CargoWatch Secure is a robust and versatile cargo security solution that enables our customers to vastly improve their business operations. This powerful web application provides security, supply chain automation and a complete management dashboards, providing the ability to detect and correct supply chain anomalies in real-time.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the business, ReeferConnect is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) solution for remote container management, enabling real-time tracking and two-way control of refrigerated containers and cargo, across land and sea. Deployed on more than 300,000 reefer containers worldwide, ReeferConnect helps shipping lines, intermodal operators, cargo owners and other users achieve proven ROI.

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CargoWatch® Secure: Track. Monitor. Protect. Control.

Discover the 5 reasons to choose CargoWatch Secure for cargo security, tracking and condition monitoring.

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