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Satellite IoT

Satellite connectivity for reliable IoT and M2M communications, no matter how remote

ORBCOMM is the world’s leading global satellite IoT provider, and operates the only commercial satellite network 100% dedicated to M2M, enabling us to provide the industry’s most complete service offering.

ORBCOMM’s more than 2.2 million subscribers enjoy complete global coverage across multiple satellite networks including our next- generation OG2 constellation, IsatData Pro® as well as other third-party satellite networks and technology.

Satellite augments coverage in areas where cellular coverage is unavailable or unreliable, while potentially reducing costly cell roaming fees.

OGx is Coming! ORBCOMM and Inmarsat to Provide Next-Generation, Global IoT Service

ORBCOMM and Inmarsat have announced that they will extend their agreement through at least 2035, and are developing a next-generation service called OGx. The new service will offer data rates nearly 40 times faster than the current service, allowing for much larger messages and faster delivery times. OGx will also offer improved power-efficiency to support a daily message for multiple years on a satellite terminal utilizing a single AA battery. To learn more, watch this video Interview with Marc Eisenberg (CEO, ORBCOMM) and Rupert Pearce (CEO, Inmarsat):

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ORBCOMM operates the world's first and only commercial satellite network 100% dedicated to IoT and M2M, providing two-way data communications in the most remote areas of the world via a network of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites and ground stations around the world.

The recently launched OG2 satellites continuously move to provide network redundancy, minimal line of site issues for complete global coverage, while VHF frequency furthers signal propagation.


IsatData Pro

IsatData Pro (IDP) is a two-way data communication service connecting people and assets in the most remote areas of the world. The next-generation Inmarsat network provides complete global coverage and is delivered via geostationary orbit (GEO) satellites.

All messages are delivered within seconds, making IDP ideal for mission-critical applications requiring the exchange of larger amounts of data, more quickly via emails, text messages, logs, electronic forms and more.


Partners in Innovation

ORBCOMM partners with multiple satellite providers, including industry leaders such as Inmarsat and Globalstar, to offer the most comprehensive satellite IoT and M2M network offering on the market today. Whether it's designing standardized, state-of-the-art satellite modems that operate seamlessly on ORBCOMM and our partner networks, or embedding our satellite partners' communication services into our asset tracking and monitoring solutions, we are always looking to provide the best satellite M2M technology to meet our customers’ needs.

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