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Satellite IoT Devices

Powerful satellite and dual-mode hardware for VARs and integrators

ORBCOMM offers a comprehensive suite of satellite, cellular and dual-mode terminals and modems that allow you to track, monitor and control assets in the most remote areas of the world.

Our powerful, rugged and cost-effective devices are programable, allowing you to process information at the edge to minimize communication costs. ORBCOMM's broad portfolio of terminals and networks gives you the flexibility to solve diverse business challenges and increase your addressable market.


ST 6100

ST 6000 Series (Satellite)
ORBCOMM’s ST 6000 series satellite terminals deliver complete visibility and control of industrial assets operating in remote areas, with global satellite connectivity over the IsatData Pro network.

ST 9100

ST 9100 (Dual-Mode)
The fully programmable ST 9100 is a dual-mode satellite/cellular device, combining cellular network coverage and the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service. This versatile device enables asset tracking and monitoring for a wide variety of applications on land and at sea, in the most remote areas of the world.




OG2/OGi Interchangeable Modems
These versatile, interchangeable satellite IoT and M2M modems feature an identical footprint, connectors, power input, programming environment, communication interface and protocols.

Simply drop in the appropriate satellite modem for unrivaled ease of use and flexibility.

ST 2100

ST 2100 (Satellite Communications Device)
The ST 2100 provides reliable satellite connectivity over the two-way IsatData Pro network to a variety of industrial assets in remote locations including vehicles, heavy equipment and fixed assets. This versatile device has applications in maritime, oil and gas, utilities, transportation and more. The device features an optional internal super capacitor, allowing continued operation during temporary power loss. A built-in GNSS module allows global location tracking, and the device is enabled with over the air firmware updates without having to send a technician on site.


Subscriber Management

ORBCOMMconnect is a powerful subscriber management platform designed to reduce the complexity of managing IoT and M2M assets across multiple networks. Simplify provisioning, connectivity, set thresholds and alerts, and more with a single web-based interface.


Device Management

DeviceCloud lets you speak one language to all your connected devices. Use a single interface to manage multiple networks and devices, where connectivity and device-specific messaging is abstracted to a common interface and messaging API.

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“With IDP devices and off-the shelf applications, integration is accelerated and provides a comprehensive set of features that addresses the needs of fleet management without requiring additional device programming.”

Jeff Palmer, Director, Global Satellite Engineering