Driver Communications

Fleet communication and workflow systems

Advanced messaging, jobs and driver workflow for a smarter and more efficient fleet.

Boost dispatch messaging & efficiency

Provide drivers with powerful apps that streamline tedious manual processes.
  • Quickly Get Messages to Drivers

    Improve communication between drivers and the office with two-way messaging. Use text-to-speech for additional safety and customize message based on urgency.
  • Increase Productivity with Automated Workflow

    Guide drivers through their day by creating, editing and sending jobs to them on the road. Schedule work, deliveries, pick-ups, fuel stops, rest stops and more.
  • Keeping Track of Documents Securely and Easily

    Send documents, videos and images to drivers’ devices via a Media Portal. Send and secure content to individuals or groups and include expiration data.
  • Make Paperwork a Thing of the Past

    Scan documents, capture signatures and take images with in-cab scanning devices. Auto edge detection helps ensures image results are high-resolution and readable.
  • Optimize Delivery with Truck-Specific Navigation

    Provide drivers with truck-specific, onboard navigation so they can select optimal routes based on vehicle height, weight and length restrictions.

The Ultimate Driver Toolkit

Keep drivers happy and productive with the right resources for the job.
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    Jobs and Workflow
    Guide drivers through their day and send them jobs on the road.
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    Driver Messaging
    Free-text, form-based and text-to-speech (TTS) functionality.
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    Media Portal
    Send documents, videos or images to drivers’ in-cab devices.
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    In-Cab Scanning
    Scan documents, capture signatures and more in high-res.
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    Electronic DVIR
    Get drivers back on the road safely and quickly.
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    Truck-Specific Navigation
    Get drivers to destinations faster and more safely.
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    Temperature Monitoring in the Cab
    Give drivers reefer status while on the move.
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    Driver Scoring
    Reward good drivers and identify areas for improvement.
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    Driver Performance App
    Gives drivers access to performance history anytime, anywhere.
fleet management

Part of a complete fleet management solution

Bring meaning to your data with powerful analytics and reporting for every asset in your fleet in the ORBCOMM platform.

Driver Workflow Products

Power fleet safety with coaching devices, fleet cameras and more.
Smarter Together

ORBCOMM and Eleos: Smarter Together

Unify everything your fleet needs in a single app – hours of service, messaging, payroll, navigation and more.
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Boost driver efficiency

Boost driver efficiency

  • Improve driver retention with tech.
  • Streamline operational processes.
  • Optimize routing with nav systems.
  • Third-party apps for ultimate customization.
  • Improve efficiency with instant messaging.
  • Proactive scheduling helps reduce empty miles.
Support your Drivers

Support your Drivers with Tech

From compliance to safety, invest in tools and resources that can keep drivers happy and save you time and money.