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RFID Software Platform for Reliable Asset Tracking

RFID Tracking Solutions for Manufacturing, Warehousing, Inventory and More

RFID tracking and process automation has become an essential tool that lets industrial manufacturers and supply chain managers see their entire operation in real-time. Internet of Things (IoT) and RFID-driven technologies can seamlessly connect people, processes, data and things to ensure organizations run at maximum efficiency.

Applications built around RFID software and Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) can help report immediate deviations and exceptions to any process. Companies can also build authentication and confirmation into previously error-prone systems.

RFID software is eliminating costly mistakes, resulting in fewer manufacturing errors due to incorrect parts used or incorrect specification settings. RFID tracking is being used to locate semi-finished goods and eliminate costly delays due to lost or hard to find inventory.

Imagine tracking assets with RFID software that enables:

  • Reliable RFID (active, passive, semi-active), RTLS and barcode asset tagging
  • Full physical inventory visibility as it is manufactured, transported, warehoused and distributed
  • Shipping and receiving automation
  • Automated yard checks
  • Identification of logistical bottlenecks
  • Real-time item-level search
  • Improved returns management
  • Mobile handheld integration

...all available through a web-based dashboard, accessible from anywhere.

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5 Reasons to Choose ORBCOMM RFID Software for Asset Tracking

1. Quick and Easy
Dramatically reduce time and complexity in creating RFID applications with our online development and run-time environment.

2. Integrated
Expert integration with enterprise systems and third-party software applications for broader, more robust, contextual RFID and IoT applications.

3. Single-Source
Complete RFID solutions without the complexity of multiple vendors. Ideal for warehousing, manufacturing/WIP inventory, yard management, transportation, aerospace, defense, forestry, IT and more.

4. Flexible
Use multiple technologies for identification, location and condition monitoring: BLE, RFID, WIP, barcode, Wi-Fi, GPS, RTLS, cellular and satellite.

5. Cost-Effective
Save development and integration costs, and reduce upfront expenses by using hosted software.

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