Solutions: DeviceCloud

Device Management Simplified

Speak One Language to All of Your Connected IoT and M2M Devices

DeviceCloud is a single interface for managing multiple networks and devices, where connectivity and device-specific messaging is abstracted to a common interface and messaging API. The unique device life-cycle management component of ORBCOMM’s comprehensive IoT Toolkit, DeviceCloud includes configuration, provisioning, firmware upgrades, data normalization and key messaging functions such as parsing and alerting.

A single device management interface means you can replace, upgrade or add devices (ORBCOMM or third party) without having to update your application, providing a critical first layer of future-proofing support. With DeviceCloud, you can speak one language to all of your connected IoT and M2M devices.

The ORBCOMM IoT Toolkit

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5 Reasons to Choose DeviceCloud for IoT and M2M Device Management

1. Reduce Device Management Complexity
A common interface and messaging API removes multi-protocol complexity when connecting and communicating with many different devices.

2. Give Meaning to Raw Data
Parse complex raw data to extract meaningful data. Turn data into action by identifying important events to trigger notifications and alerts.

3. Extend Device Capabilities
Supercharge your IoT application by adding user-defined attributes and properties that extend beyond the built-in functionality of your devices.

4. Ensure Data Security
Ensure that only specific data is provided to pre-authorized requesters and recipients. Handle data requests via subscription, on-demand (API calls, reports) or scheduled batch data upload (FTP, etc.)

5. Use a Single Platform for Integrating Devices and Applications
Manage and monitor devices for changes to configuration and settings, firmware upgrades and usage. Integrate both ORBCOMM and third-party applications in one platform.