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Enterprise IoT Applications: The Fast Track

iApp: Reduce the time, costs and complexity of RFID and sensor-based IoT application development

New, cutting-edge applications that take advantage of modern RFID tracking, Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and other technology to monitor supply chain assets, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and manage risk. but the learning curve is steep, the data streams are enormous, the wireless technology options are endless, and integrations are complex to say the least.

iApp is ORBCOMM’s cloud-based application enablement platform (AEP) that enables the rapid development and management of high-performance RFID and sensor-based IoT applications and solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility. With iApp, enterprises can leverage ORBCOMM’s scale, infrastructure and experience for faster and more cost-effective solution development.

iApp reduces the time, cost and complexity of deploying enterprise IoT solutions by providing a rich set of application building blocks and solution templates for asset-intensive industries.

Using identification tracking and GPS combined with local asset intelligence and monitoring, iApp enables scalable, high ROI-based applications. iApp uses multi-modal connectivity including passive or active RFID, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, GPS, condition sensors and actuators.

iApp also offers full mobile application development and support for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and HTML5.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, iApp is used to deliver scalable IoT solutions related to:

  • Indoor/outdoor asset tracking: Track, optimize and improve the integrity of assets and inventory along the supply chain through automated, real-time, transactional information.
  • Inventory and warehouse management: Improve the visibility, accuracy and efficiency of inventory, high value equipment and work tools to improve ROI.
  • Cold chain and pharmaceuticals: Reduce spoilage and improve regulatory compliance throughout the supply chain of refrigerated goods.
  • Energy: Manage equipment, tools, people and vehicles for complex applications involving oil and gas, pipeline and offshore operations.

The ORBCOMM IoT Toolkit

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5 Reasons to Choose iApp for RFID Asset Tracking and IoT Application Enablement

1. Quick
Dramatically reduce the time it takes to create RFID and sensor-based applications with iApp’s online development and run-time environment.

2. Complete
Integration with enterprise systems and third-party software applications provides broader, more robust, contextual IoT applications.

3. Flexible
Support a vast collection of technologies for identification, location and condition monitoring (BLE, RFID, WIP, barcode, Wi-Fi, GPS, RTLS, cellular and satellite).

4. Scalable
Scalable management of IoT data streams leads to smart business logic and effective use cases, providing information in a manageable, easy way.

5. Cost-Efficient
Save development costs and reduce upfront costs by using hosted software. Reduce complexity by using a single provider to deploy complete IoT solutions.

“The advanced software and RFID technology have enabled us to introduce a more accurate and cost-effective audit system to our customers. By utilizing the solution, our customers can gain complete visibility into their off-site records inventory and ensure compliance for records management activities while reducing storage and information management costs.”

Erik Johanson, Director of Process Engineering, Iron Mountain